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Thread: 26.01 Interview with the Head of the Fishdom Team Yegor

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    I've never had a game like this one before. I absolutely love fishdom!! I spend hours trying to get to the next level! I'm at level 995 so much fun! I love getting to the next level .Just don't like the bombs a the ones where you have minutes to play. The pearls are challenging! Absolutely amazing game!!

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    New aquariums

    please, when will the next aquariums be opened?

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    Why didnt you answer any of the true players of the game?? Like the #1 question i seen and it had to do with why do you make some levels so hard to pass?? You suck the fun right out of the game by doing so!

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    Very true. I am having a time getting thru also. Ot takes sometimes months to get just to the next one. Not enough plays. 18 plays won't do it.

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    "Two teams," "Valentine's Day" launch?! This is the best you can do? ... An endless, low reward chest scheme & a continued 2017🎄theme? Guess I'll wait until 💜Day. . By the way, frequent notifications to "open chests w/ your reward" (when there isn't one) ... Cheeky!

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    Love your basic ideas but you really did not address players questions: 1) game is geared towards getting ahead by spending, would you reconsider? 2) not demote persons who have achieved a level? 3) ability to visit friends different aquariums 4) ability to add friends independent of Facebook, this is very very important

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    I feel the same way you do there are levels that are just really super hard and not easy to get threw and then they add the little contest like the pearl one and the lightning one, and you are on a level you just can't get threw that easy

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    I have been playing this game year's! I have had Many Problems it seems No one wants to fix? There is Always A excuse as to why the issues arise? Never A Good enough Answer? I just want my Money back for All the year's I have put into this game Never mind the mistakes! The game is Not what I expected after All these year's if A Problem happens No one helps to make it better? It even happened this morning I am just Over All of this! I have Not asked Any developer for my money back before as I am So disappointed with what is going on in this game! I expect to be paid in full Never mind the years of play! I cannot talk to anyone to fix your issues? No one fixes them they make it out to be my fault that I don't know how to play this game after well over two years I Promise I know how to play this game! I am Very Disappointed in how things are handled! It's time to draw the line and return my Money! Trust is A Issue when something goes wrong with No Help blaming me! Hum??? Please fix your issues and stop telling me it's my fault! Time to go with the return of All my Money! Very Unhappy!!!! Gerri Sad about how I have been treated! Sorry I am A Huge gamer with this being the biggest problem! Thank you But Happiness is when You fix the Problems no blame me!

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    Patience Required! Must Endure Long Wait Between Aquarium Openings

    I completely agree!!! I love this game. What I enjoy the most is decorating the aquariums. So it is very frustrating to to have to wait months for the next aquarium to open. Playing the treasure chest and the competitions are just fillers for me. Lately, I find that I am staying away from the game more and more and just waiting it out.

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    Thank you for creating this game and the cute, interactive fish! I have stayed with this game because of them! We all have virtual friends! I would like to be able to earn bombs if you complete a hard or super hard challenge.
    Great game! Keep up the good work!

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