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Thread: 26.01 Interview with the Head of the Fishdom Team Yegor

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    26.01 Interview with the Head of the Fishdom Team Yegor

    Hey, Fishdomers! An in-depth interview with the Head of the Fishdom Team Yegor is already here! Find out lots of interesting facts about the history of your favorite game and some hints about its future

    Hello, Yegor! How are you?
    Hi there! Great, thank you. By the way, is it okay that I parked my bathyscaphe under the Cars Only sign?

    That’s cool, we reserved that spot for you. So, we introduced you to our players in the community the other day, and they left lots of questions for you. We picked the most interesting ones for an interview. Are you ready?
    I sure am! I’m excited to dive in and hear what our players have to say!

    Let’s warm up a little first. They’re curious to know about how it all began. Tell us a little bit about the history of Fishdom.
    Well, it all started back then with the first game in the Fishdom series for PCs. We wanted to make a beautiful underwater-themed game with life-like characters It was a success, and after that there were some sequels and spinoffs. In 2016 we launched Fishdom as you know it today, and we’re now continuously working on it.

    Wow! So Fishdom has had quite a journey. Speaking about now, how many people work on the game?
    Let’s say one person for each fish plus some people who take care of the water plants So our team is around 70 people, and it keeps growing.

    That’s a big team! By the way, there’re so many fish and aquariums in different styles, you must have a lot of resources to create such art. What’s the percentage of artists in the team? What inspires them in their work?
    We are all artists in a way But seriously—we have 20 of them. The first Fishdom was inspired by the Big Kahuna Reef and Tropix games. After all these years, the way the game looks has changed several times. Now we have our own style, and we’re constantly trying to improve it.

    Fishdom’s style is really remarkable. And so are the fish characters! Tell us who develops the fish and their funny dialogues.
    Thank you for the compliment! Artists and game designers come up with ideas for new fish. We also have a team which develops their behavior and sketches. Those guys are very creative and they work hard to make every line fun and appealing.

    And they’re good at that! The next step would be implementing a feature which allows players to talk to fish (they want it so badly), but I guess it’s still a bit of a dream for now! Let’s talk about events and competitions. Who develops those?
    Ha ha! I’d love to have a feature like that too Concerning the events, a separate team is in charge of the development and management of events (including competitions). At the moment, we have two teams who work on events for the upcoming updates and for more distant ones.

    Do you have any plans for new competitions?
    Yes, we’re planning on adding a new competition this year featuring a new character in the aquarium.

    We can’t wait to meet them! But what can we expect in the nearest future? Will there be a surprise for us on Valentine’s Day?
    Yes, there’ll be a special event for Valentine’s Day, which we will unlock very soon. I can’t disclose all the details, but it’ll definitely be very romantic and interesting. Make sure you take part!

    That’s intriguing! By the way, we got one very interesting question-idea: will you ever organize a contest among players for the best new fish design?
    That’s a great idea! We should think about doing something like that! I’m writing it down in my notebook.

    Do developers themselves play the game? Do you? If so, what level are you at and what was the last aquarium you unlocked?
    Of course we do. I can’t imagine not playing I’m now at level 401, the last aquarium I unlocked was the Moon one. Apart from that, quite often I play beta versions, and closely follow the development process. It’s so exciting to watch vague ideas turn into colorful events!

    Who is your favorite character in the game and why?
    It’s very hard for me to pick just one, because I like them all—they’re so cute But if I had to choose, it’d be Sir Goldflipper the Penguin and the Trumpetfish. I really like how the Trumpet fish looks!

    Do Fishdom developers have aquariums at home?
    In Fishdom, all of us do! But some of us do have real aquariums too.

    Can you give us a little hint about what we can expect from the game in the future?
    Hm, just a little one This year we’re going to liven up the aquariums, and introduce new neighbors for our fish, and maybe even their distant relatives from outer space (who knows?). Players may also have the chance to take care of other underwater creatures, apart from fish.

    Just one last thing, do you want to say something to the players?
    First of all, thank you so much for loving the game and sticking with us—it means the world to the team, and it’s very inspiring! We’re constantly trying to improve the game for you, we have lots of great ideas in store, and I’m sure you’ll love them!

    Thank you very much for your time! Have a safe ride back home, bye!
    Thank you, bye!
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    How can u add friend to the game

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    I love the idea of having a contest on the players designing a fish then having the top three of five working with the design team then put them up for a vote by players n add the top three or top 1. Thank you for the email.

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    I have very high levels and my previous fish and decorations were removed, I had to start completely over, please.....give me back my fish and decorations..
    I also play Township and it's called Timberlakes..

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    What levels open new aquarium. ......1612

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    When I started playing there was no delay on going to the next one. Now it takes a long time to get a new one. I need you to get on it please and try to get new aquariums open in a more timely manner. Thanks, Sue

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    Estou no nível 2166qd abrem o aquário país das maravilhas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seanuk View Post
    When I started playing there was no delay on going to the next one. Now it takes a long time to get a new one. I need you to get on it please and try to get new aquariums open in a more timely manner. Thanks, Sue

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    J'adore votre jeu malgré mon âge je me relaxe merci

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    I love game but have hard time beating it?

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