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Thread: Game crashes

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    same here, very slow and then it crashes

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    Game keeps crashing

    As much as I love this game I am getting fed up of it keep crashing. It crashes every time I play it. I have lost money and bonuses through it crashing.

    Unless they sort it out soon I will not play it on here but just play it on my tablet as it does not happen on that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by custardpot View Post

    Unless they sort it out soon I will not play it on here but just play it on my tablet as it does not happen on that.
    What is "on here"? as opposed to a "tablet"? And above all, have you reported it from this non-working device ingame, as Playrix can look into it only this way and rarely reacts in the forum anyway.

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    when I play on the computer, shockwave and the game itself keeps crashing. Only happens with this game and it doesn't happen on my mobile devices. Shockwave started crashing about a month ago and today it keeps going back and forth between that and the game itself just stopping. Can't seem to get more than 2 boards at time before it goes.

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    This is what is happening to me Cathy. It is getting ridiculous

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    Game crashes

    I am near the end of my rope with these game crashes. It is ONLY this game. I have lost so many lives, and I have dumped a shit load of money in this game over hte last year. At least $200.00 between this one and homescapes. So either fix the crashes or I would like a refund on my money. This is riduculous. Its not even enjoyable anymore because it crashes on every play. Sometimes it will crash on every board- Then I lose lives and levels. Enough is enough.

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    I too am having glitches, stutters, crashing, freezing etc of screen and tasks. Another co-op member has lost ALL of her helicopter regatta task, while I lost part of my reg task, as well as some of the feeding tasks and factory output. Have tried reinstalling but very dubious about whether it is fixed or just temporary. Makes it hard to keep going in regs, when all your hard work, long hours and co-operation lead to such losses. Can fully understand your frustration Purplexed Pug.

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    Здравствуйте! У меня не загружается объявления уже два месяца! Пишет ошибка, код ошибки 506. Что делать? Я не хотела бы проходить всё заново.

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    Black out

    Since downloading this update, my screen keeps going black during the game. I press the home button and it comes back but it is so frequent it is annoying. What can I do the fix this issue? It is only on Gardenscapes

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