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Thread: 25.01 Meet 1st Update of 2018!

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    25.01 Meet 1st Update of 2018!

    Join the new exciting adventures, go on a pirate treasure hunt and enjoy February holidays!
    Take a look at what’s waiting for you in the game:

    - Black sails and a treasure chest: enjoy pirate adventures with Lucy and Steven!
    - Get the cooking area ready for a cook-off!
    - Get to know Sean Parker, a historian who is going to carry out excavation works in the garden.

    - Celebrate the Lunar New Year: beat holiday levels without losing any to win awesome rewards!
    - Enjoy St. Valentine's Day: a surprise is waiting for you!


    - One more chain of levels in the Training event
    - Community-requested feature: design options for the swan fountain

    Don’t miss all this fun, download the update! And definitely let us know what you think about all the upcoming changes and new experiences in this thread

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    Bring back orangery please!

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    What has happened to organgery? Its the part of the game that I look forward to every Friday. I really enjoy the challenge of getting through the levels for rewards.

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    Are you going to update the game for computer and laptops soon?

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    Kemana hilangnya orangery, apakah anda telah merubah fitur yang sangat ditunggu serial Hari jumat.

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    Pretty excited about the Picnic, but I'm not getting there any time soon.

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    I definitely would appreciate some other options than the swan for the fountain.

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    Dukungan penuh untuk gardenscape, hanya saja bila waktunya permainan peti anda akan berakhir, saya di level 2151 dan hingga saat ini saya belum menemukan titik jemu,, trimakasih.

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    Hallo ,wie bekomme ich Freunde im Spiel ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nataly Kuzmina View Post
    - Community-requested feature: design options for the swan fountain
    I just noticed that now we have more designs for the fountain!! I love the other options! Well done!

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