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Thread: Too Hard Levels

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    Too Hard Levels

    There are levels that are so hard and i do think that its imposible, sometimes i was in a level for 2-3 weeks and it gets the player like me to loose interest in the game. As if it was built for business, for real. You know.? Like to forced players to buy coins which is way too much for only 5moves and it cost 900 coins already, its not worth it at all. You may loose some of your players if it is like that all the time.

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    I'm not sure this is actually intentional, or just an artifact of bad design. Being able to complete a level is much more based on luck than skill. Maybe 80% of the levels work out that you can beat them in a few tries at most no matter what, but the rest — and they can be "easy" levels just as often as "hard" or "super hard" levels — are unwinnable unless the Random Number Gods really like you.

    The difficulty labels are also utter lies; I've seen plenty of "easy" levels that are nearly impossible, and plenty of "super hard" levels that I cleared on the first attempt with no difficulty whatsoever. My request that the game do something to help players that get stuck has been ignored. (And, believe me, you aren't the only player that's ever felt "stuck".) Alas, it appears the developers don't care...

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