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Thread: Common Issue: T-Cash Taken Away Because Of Alleged Cheating

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    My T-cash was taken away by mistake

    Good day, everyone!
    I’ve been playing this game for more than 3 years. Through this long time I ve helped other players (filling up train cars and plain boxes) more than 60.000 times total! This has allowed me to accumulate a decent amount of t-cash and other resources. (Receiving clover letters and playing in HOL) For example, by October 2017 I was able to save more than 7000 T-cash (until my 6 year old daughter decided to upgrade my barn LOL). Since that time I had an average of 4000 T-cash on my account.
    With all this said, I was so surprised when I entered my town yesterday evening and found out that all of my t-cash was withdrawn from my account. I am attaching two screenshots proving the amount of t-cash I had on Nov 6 and Nov 27, 2017 plus a screenshot showing the amount of times I’ve helped other players.
    I am asking you to return all of my fairly earned resources and I want you to do the same to all other honest players.
    Thank you,
    Best regards, Mikhail.
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    I dont understand why people mean that buying in-game sources will protect them to not get ban.
    Playrix's rules are very clear-don't use any third party program, don't run any emulator, etc.etc.,so yes-if you use bluestuck- perhaps one day you will be banned. If you shure you didnt do any of this, follow Bessville's advice. Do you know that exist even fake Google Play? So, be careful with all your accounts, especially with your wallets.

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    I am so sorry Mikhail, it is unfair. I hope it gets fixed very soon!

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    I hope so too, Mikhail. With so many people sharing the problem, I can’t imagine it will be too long before Playrix notice there is an issue. Perhaps you could pm Anna Petrova and ask for her help, since you don’t have receipts from bought Tcash to show Support in the usual way?

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    Some are unable to show receipts, though, only because they didn’t buy the Tcash, only accumulated it gradually over long periods through the game, in balloons, house of luck, etc. It’s really difficult, this, and Fallon is right, lack of communication from Playrix doesn’t help us to be patient about a resolution as we aren’t sure the problem has even been noticed if it isn’t acknowledged.

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    Many forums even not allow talking about banning, so we are lucky...

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    Playrix just informed me that they are re-checking all players who have been involved. They are also announcing a deeper explanation here.


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    Exclamation Contact your auto pay and your bank

    I have sent messages directly to playrix. I have contacted Apple Pay, have all of my receipts. A tech from Apple called me and gave me all steps needed to proceed with fraud and theft of playrix. I urge those that have been effected by this, to contact the auto pay system you use, contact your bank, and proceed with filing complaints. Your bank will do a fraud investigation. What IT did, was wrong. They attacked innocent people, myself included. If you are like me, please, push to get your hard earned money back. As the tech stated to me, do not presume you will be reimbursed, as only those that file an official complaint, will see results..

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    Several people in this thread alone have acknowledged there are (potentially) thousands of people caught up in this.

    A week ago, people were outraged that many players were taking advantage of a glitch that allowed people to cheat the game. Many demanded that these people be punished for doing so.

    So, from what I can tell, over a busy time of year including holidays and celebrations, Playrix staff worked hard to first correct the issue so these cheaters could no longer profit, and have now gone about punishing the cheaters.

    Now people are complaining about being (unfairly, I agree) punished. Have your voice, make your complaints to Playrix via in-game support, and wait. If you've done nothing wrong, I dare say you'll have your losses recredited.

    Keep in mind there are a limited number of Playrix staff dealing with looking into I dread to think how many accounts. On top of that, each individual account has to be checked, and it's not just about proving you came by your cash honestly, it's also about them going back through goodness knows how much coding and reports and whatever to confirm you weren't exploiting the glitch. For every single complaint.

    Be patient. It's going to take time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bessville View Post
    Goodness me, that’s a big overreaction, imo. Making an error isn’t “fraud”, nor is it an “attack”. Playrix have acknowledged the problem and said they’re working to sort it.. I’d suggest people give them a chance before going off the deep end and getting their bank involved. Just start a Support ticket and be patient.
    It has been over 48 hours, and know I am not the only player that has submitted a ticket and received an automated response with no further action from Playrix. The automated response clearly stated, they only removed t-cash that was “unfairly earned, not bought”. This is false! They took all of it! Playrix has accused ME of theft, I have proof otherwise, therefore, who truly are the thieves. I am a giving player, a co-owner, with shares of over 500 each regatta. I was very dedicated to this game celebrating a full year as a co owner this past November. They are in the wrong, and have wronged too many people. They have known of this issue for 2 + days. That is 2 days to many to treat dedicated players this way.

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