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Thread: Common Issue: T-Cash Taken Away Because Of Alleged Cheating

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    Common Issue: T-Cash Taken Away Because Of Alleged Cheating

    У нашего союза админы все деньги украли, люди живые деньги клали чтобы ускорить регату а они взяли и все украли. Так что народ, они и вас могут обокрасть!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Они воры и негодяи!!!!!!

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    Really? Maybe that should be reported to the Coalition for Unity and Democracy or Support. Whichever you have better connections with.🙂

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    T-Cash Taken Away Because Of Allegedly Cheating

    Hi all,
    can anybody help me? Just now 2000 township cash was subtracted from my township cash. There was a message saying I had bought it at an unauthorized place. But I didn‘t. I bought it all normal in the game and Apple bills my credit card for it. I sent a message to support and received an automated response. I followed a link in that response and sent another message and again received an automated response.
    What am I to do? I feel like I have been robbed, which ofcourse I have been. I have payed dearly for this Township cash and now it‘s gone.
    Can anybody help?
    Best Regards,

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    This is happening to a lot of people apparently. I went to the township facebook page and for the last day or so thousands of people have replied saying they had their tcash taken away for no reason, being told that they cheated. Someone in my co-op also had that happen to them today too. Contact playrix, take screen shots of all your receipts so you can prove you bought all your tcash, and send it to them. Hopefully in a few days they'll get it sorted out. *hopefully*

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    Thanks ReeseTeacher for your prompt reply. Now I know I am not alone! I just sent screenshots of my last 4 receipts to Playrix, and now I wait...

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    I've just spent the last hour investigating since one of my co-op members had this happen to them. Apparently, there was a glitch that many players had taken advantage of to get ahead in the game. Playrix found out about the glitch and then tried to catch those using it....I'm assuming that a lot of innocent players got caught up in the mess.

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    I had this happen to me today! Not sure how to fix it and looking for a solution.

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    Same problem for me.. I buy for a lot of euros Township money !! I send Mail about this problem and i sait response. If there is no happy solution, sûre i get away from Playrix's robbers !!!

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    Any other contest winners affected by accusations of cheating?

    Yup, same happened to me...I was recently declared a winner of one of the contests (about a week ago) and after several attempts to contact the staff for the prize as instructed in the pm, I kinda gave up.

    Now this morning I got a message saying i’ve been caught cheating? I have spent hundreds of dollars to get my little town running nicely, and in all my years playing, have never considered cheating.

    I wonder if by awarding the prize cash to me, I was somehow marked as a cheater? Playrix admins, please respond to this, you’ve done a lot of damage to your reputation in my eyes.

    Edit: i have had my T-cash prize refunded. Thank you playrix team. Please can you also confirm that my "cheater" status has been rescinded?
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    This happened to me today too! I have only ever bought cash within the game, and even bought some when they offered me a discounted offer today. Minutes later I’m accused of cheating and lost all cash other than what I’d just bought, they took away 1900 tcash that I paid lot of pennies for. Sounds like I’m not alone, but I am really really unhappy!

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