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Thread: Allow Leaders To Opt Out Non-Racing Members

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    Allow Leaders To Opt Out Non-Racing Members

    Leaders need to be able to close when to opt out non-racing members of the co-op. We are losing good co-op embarrassed of our decline in the league's because so many are unable or uninterested in racing.

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    There are several threads about this already, with differing responses.

    The main points being:

    Yes, as leader it would be nice to be able to opt out players who don't race. It saves you losing points on people who don't race, saves you potentially dropping a league because one person didn't do their bit.

    However. What if you opt someone out, then just before the race starts, they go and opt themselves back in? You've gained nothing.
    Most importantly... who are you (general) to decide to effectively "take over" someone else's game and stop them participating?

    We had a really good member completely disappear out of the blue. It would have been nice to be able to opt her out and keep her in the co-op as a non-racer, and she totally would have understood. Unfortunately, there are people out there who would go round messing with people out of "fun" (read: spite).

    In my co-op, we have a clear point requirement. Miss that requirement one week and you get the benefit of the doubt. Miss it two weeks in a row, and you're kicked.
    It meant in the beginning we lost some good players, but, if they can't keep up, then they're actually not all that good after all.
    Now, every member knows what's expected. New members are made clear from the start, and if they don't keep up or opt out, they get opted out of the entire co-op.

    You change the kick message to say why they're booted. "Unable to meet clear co-op requirements", "don't accept freeloaders" or "please come back when able, we're holding your place" if it's an otherwise good member that randomly vanishes.

    Overall, it is just a game. If they can't keep up with the rules as set by your co-op, they can go find one of the several thousand more suited to their style of play.

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    Hi Sharon, this has been ruled out by the devs, see the full list here

    Anyone opted in but not racing can be kicked from the co-op. The kick message can be changed to a short explanation and asking them to return if they were previously good members. Co-op members who are friends with them can also send them an invite.

    All co-op members should be aware that they are likely to be kicked if they remain opted in but do not race for any given length of time.

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    lol snap!

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    The “point” is; and “who I am” is that we are the leaders of the co-op. We should have the option of “opting” someone out of regatta short of kicking them out of co-op.
    If you personally don’t like that ability, or don’t want to exercise that option, it does not mean it’s not useful to others. Simply don’t exercise it in your group.
    Opting someone out of regatta would be a great tool as it is a lot less “lethal” than your suggestion of kicking them out of the co-op. Not all of the games players are as fanatical as others.

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    We have set up some rules. We are a very interactive group and have become ‘friendly’ with one another. Simply want the ability to opt out a player without removing them from the co-op. As a leader, I would value that kind of game control.

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    The point is you won't get it, because it's already been rejected by game developers.

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    Leader of a tiny group of people, in a game.

    I think the other answers you've received should clarify why this is not a great idea, but just in case: It has already been ruled out by the developers, and for good reasons (of which I explained above).

    As Bess explained; if a person has let you down with racing, there are three possible reasons.
    1. They don't care.
    2. They didn't realise/understand (could be new/language barrier/whatever).
    3. They had a legit reason (glitched out/trouble transferring to new device/personal issues).
    So your choice is to wait and see if they buckle up, or, you can kick them.

    If it's the first reason, why would you want them in your co-op anyway? If it's the second, they'll either return, or move on. If it's the third, they should understand, especially if your rules are clear from the start.

    Removing someone from your co-op is a choice from within your game. Actually being able to go into someone else's game and alter their settings, that's a different story.

    It's not a bad idea, clearly, as I said before, many others have thought of it. It's just that when you break it down and look into it, it's not a good idea.

    As for "my suggestion" of kicking someone out... it's not "my suggestion". It's the available option.

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    What I would really like is to be able to see my co-op's stats even when I opt out for the week. I use the stats to track members' activity and see which members consistently don't do the Regatta but also don't opt out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sharon Traxler View Post
    The “point” is; and “who I am” is that we are the leaders of the co-op. We should have the option of “opting” someone out of regatta short of kicking them out of co-op.
    I once held that same view and even suggested the very same thing in this forum. Benignly applied, this is a decent and reasonable request.

    However, it raises two rather disturbing issues. First is the obvious "privacy issue". Basically, you (and I at one time) were asking for the ability to reach into another players "game data" and alter a setting ("Participate in Regatta"). There's something icky about doing that. What if the Leader decided they need to know if the player was online or not so they want to reach in and alter the "Display Online Status" setting? And so on.

    Then there is the possibility for abuse. What if a Leader decided you were displaying poor choices in your tasks, say taking an HOL task without having enough clovers saved up to complete it in under a minute or taking a mining tasks and then having to wait for hours for trains to bring mining tools. A certain type of Leader might consider you a determent to the race and changes your participation setting.

    While I'm sure you would apply this power with taste and discretion (as would I and most people on this forum), in the world in general it is of questionable utility.

    If you have someone who habitually scores low (or 0) yet refuses (or is unable) to change their racing status, kick them (with a kind message if you like). It's the one and only tool (besides persuasion) that the developers will give you to use. No use agonizing over it.
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