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Thread: Remove time levels

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    Remove time levels

    Remove the time levels, relaxed puzzle levels and stressfull time levels don't go together for many people, i think you made the same mistake as in the fishdom game.....nice graphics, nice story but remove time levels

    Regards Ron
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    I totally agree with you about the timed levels. They could remove them or add a relaxed mode perhaps?

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    Count me with you. I hate the timed levels, and there are so many of them. Dump 'em.
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    I enjoy the timed levels, so I don't think they should be removed. Maybe give some extra time to those that have tried the levels many times, just to make them more beatable. But timed levels are part of every match 3 game I've played and I really like the unlimited moves part of those levels. Sure you have to make your moves faster, but you just have to play them without thinking too hard on what moves to make.
    There aren't any levels I dislike, but I can get a little annoyed when I try levels that I almost beat on multiple tries with just 1 or 2 moves needed. This mostly happens with untimed levels and I have used coins in the past to make those last moves. But when I don't have enough coins, I just retry those levels until I beat them. Got me to level 209 so far.
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    maybee give players a choice how to play the level: or xx turns or xx time

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    I also hate the timed levels because I find them stressful. It's almost totally dependent on luck because you can't plan your moves except for the first one. The ones where you need explosions to remove stones are the worst because of you don't get explosives in the first few moves you know you won't have time to make them and detonate them.

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    I loved the game until the timed levels....want to relax not get stressed out!!!

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    My main issue with time levels is I generally don't realise they are timed until half way through my first go ... Then it's a mad panic
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    Hi guys!

    Just wanted to let you know that the developers are considering the possibility of removing this type of levels. That doesn't mean it'll happen, but it surely means that they've heard you and will try to respond in a way that would be optimal both for players and the developers. So thank you for your active participation in making the game better!

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    Thank you Nata!y

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