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Thread: Remove time levels

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    Thanks for listening Nataly. I also find my enjoyment disappears when I discover I am on a timed level. And I agree with Tassie. Can’t tell you how many times I’m “figuring out” a level, then to discover it is timed. AAaarrrgghh! If they decide not to remove them, please give enough time to put it in an easier bracket. Not every level has to be “takes a !@#$%! miracle to beat” does it?

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    The timed levels make me want to quit the game!

    Quote Originally Posted by Ron123 View Post
    Remove the time levels, relaxed puzzle levels and stressfull time levels don't go together for many people, i think you made the same mistake as in the fishdom game.....nice graphics, nice story but remove time levels

    Regards Ron
    I have been stuck on level 98 for 2 weeks.

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    you’re right and I 100% agree with you guys. I honestly hate the timed levels so much! They’re very stressful a lot! Dump it all of it!!!!!!!

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