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Thread: Helicopter orders - Confirm Delete [Merged]

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    Can you require verification before deleting orders?

    I don't know if it's like this on all devices but on the Galaxy S8+, the helicopter icon is in the exact same place as the icon to delete the order once you open the helicopter window and if you allow your finger to hover over the spot a second too long you delete orders you might not have wanted to. So, it would be nice if there was a pop up asking if we really wanted to delete the order (like the verification before you spend "cash"). If it's possible to change this, it would be great!
    Thank you!

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    Helicopter order - delete button confirmation needed

    While going through my helicopter orders, sometimes my finger hits the delete button or trash can button by mistake and all I see is the order cancellation screen. I've done this from time to time and I'm surprised that there is no confirmation button that says - do you want to cancel this order?

    Please make the change, thanks so much!

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    Yes, I agree with another poster, move the trash can button to the other side then if don't want to add a conifrmation button.

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    Town task deletion

    Make us confirm our deletion of a town request from the helicopter

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    Please either move the delete button or add a confirmation. One extra confirmation click is really not a lot of effort, seriously.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sillyvic View Post
    Please either move the delete button or add a confirmation. One extra confirmation click is really not a lot of effort, seriously.
    with the amount of deletions, I and many others do, it would be very annoying.
    Separate the buttons more might be a compromise.

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    TOTALLY agree with this. I just had a huge order filled and accidentally hit the trash can instead of “send”. I’ve done it a few times now. So frustrating!!! Either make a confirm to delete or move the trash can PLEASE!

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    As long as they do not add a pop-up, sense it would be difficult to dump multiple orders. I do agree with moving the placement of the trash icon to avoid accidentally dumping orders.

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    Helicopter orders

    Please move the delete bottom. It’s too close to the send button and I delete by accident my orders. That’s upsetting

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    Delete Buttons

    Please seriously consider moving the delete buttons on opposite sides away from other buttons. When I go to send products by helicopter I always hit delete button on accident. It’s rare but still happens. Please move the delete in a aspot all by itself please

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