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Thread: Helicopter orders - Confirm Delete [Merged]

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    I do agree and have also faced those accidental clicks a number of times. Another alternative would be to provide another step of a confirmation pop-up of "Are you sure you want to delete this task? Yes/No". This would help reduce the disappointment of accidentally deleting the task

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    Helicopter Order Details

    There should be an option to confirm trashing an order once the trash can is hit on the helicopter order details. I have trashed plenty of orders just because I meant to hit Send but instead hit the Trashcan option.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vuurvl View Post
    As long as it's a toggle, so I can turn off the confirmation, and others who leave it on may find out how long it takes them to get annoyed by it, I'm fine with it
    I am all for this and putting confirmation for every action in the game to prevent things such as accidental land or island expansion, accidental zoo opening, etc. It can simply be a toggle switch in Settings; Confirmations On or Off. I don’t see what the big deal would be. Players can choose whether to toggle confirmations on or off. So simple and everyone would be happy. If someone wants to complain because they would have to make a choice in Settings ... I have no response for that, really.

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    Helicopter orders trash button

    I would like to suggest that the trash/delete order button in the helicopter orders window be made smaller, changed to red instead of blue, and have a protection option pop up when the delete order button is pressed. It should ask if we're sure we'd like to delete the order. That way, if a player accidentally hits the delete helicopter order button instead of Send, it won't automatically delete an order that a player wanted to Send.

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    Re; video man

    I often delete the video man from the helicopter tasks on accident as I got bad nurves and don't mean to take that action, so is there a way that when you press the delete button you can have a pop up message to confirm that you wish to delete this action. That way if you press delete by mistake you can always cancel the request, because in some of the requests you have the popup message. Just wish there was one on the video man so I don't have to wait 24 hours for him to reaper.

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    Confirmation on Deletion of helicopter order

    I would suggest that the game should reconfirm before player cancels any order from helicopter...
    It happened with me that an order accidentally got cancelled when I did not want it to

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