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Thread: Help me! accused of cheating

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    Help me! accused of cheating

    I not cheating!!!! I no used a coop and regatta.Sorry just small speak english.ticket number 1099703
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    It looks like you may have been mistakenly identified as a cheater due to the work Playrix has done to detect real cheaters.

    You will need to report this to Playrix from within your game giving as much information as possible.

    To report this problem to Playrix:

    1. Go to your game settings via the cog on the top left hand side of your screen.
    2. Select Help and Support.
    3. Look For the section called 'Safe and Fair Play' where you will find this question/answer
    My game suspects me of being a cheater!

    There are many ways to figure out who's cheating. Using unfair playing methods leads to in-game penalties:
    - Competitions and Leaderboard ratings are blocked
    - All interaction with other players is blocked (helping, gifts, co-ops, etc.)

    REPORT TO CUSTOMER SERVICE if the system thinks you're a cheater even though you purchased in-game resources/cash legally and didn't use any third-party software.

    BEAR IN MIND that no third-party software is authorized by Playrix. We do not sell any applications for manipulating in-game progress, nor do we delegate such rights to third-party companies.

    then use the 'Contact Us' button to contact Playrix

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    Ticket number 1099703

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