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Thread: garden scapes and homescapes.

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    garden scapes and homescapes.

    I enjoy playing your games, however you have a few games that are 2 and 3 panels we have to get through in order to remove an item, or the items we have to remove are surrounded by rocks those take 2 to 3 hits to remove completely...we have to do all that with very few moves....which are impossible with out boosters, so NOW the problem is we have to BUY the boosters...that takes real MONEY, which some of us can't also takes 900 coins to keep playing in order to try to complete the game your on..which you have to watch videos in order to help yourself get to 900 coins...why cant you give us more chances and why cant you bring down the amount of coins we have to have in order to continue the game...Can't you do away with the 2 and 3 panel games...those are awful..especially the ones with the growing bubles...YIKES...please make the games better..lets not forget it takes up to 3 hits to remove the wooden grates (boxes)...really...come on give us a break...some of your games take 3 stars to complete, WOW!'s hard enough to get one star..but now we are up to 3 stars for some games...
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