Me and my boyfriend are playing this game “competitive” against each other. We started the same time and have always competition which one has progressed more.

Today we noticed that he has been charged one more star more on some task than I have.

I am on level 572, have completed the task to light up the fire place, down to 0 stars left and next task is to have the interview.

My boyfriend is on level 571, has the task to light up the fire place coming up next which costs 3 stars, but has only 1 Star in the bank. Which means he is missing 1 Star compared to me, because I was done with the same task after completing level 571, but he will still be missing one star after completing this level.

Worth to mention when you’re lighting up the fire, you have no other tasks you can do so the difference in stars is not because of us completing the tasks in different order.

Is this a bug or are you actually charging different amounts of stars for the same tasks depending on player?