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Thread: Influx of TCash - Best Purchase(s)?

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    Influx of TCash - Best Purchase(s)?

    I just purchased a fair amount of TCash after a nice little bonus from work, and thought I'd reach out to the community to get ideas on where my money would be best spent. I don't wanna go crazy, but I'm thinking of buying the extra slots at my factories first off? Good idea? I'm level 33 currently, haven't spent hardly any cash to this point.

    Any suggestions are welcomed!

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    Here are a couple of links to some discussion around this that may be of interest.

    I certainly think extra factory slots are up the top of the list !

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    extra factory slots and more market crates, if you haven't spent any at all id open all factory slots except the last one and then the rest on market can get the last factory slots later on with the tcash you earn from watching adds.

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    I spend TCash judiciously, but always on Number One, a very important thing in my humble opinion. The other 3 are if I have lots of Tcash to spare.

    1. Buy the Market every 10 days. It's 72 TCash and worth every $.
    2. Buy shelves for the market whenever you can, after you have added friends. The more available in your markel, the better.
    3. Upgrade your barn. I collect items to upgrade my barn, but whenever, I have a sum of TCash, that I have predetermined in my mind, I purchase what is needed for an upgrade. Eg. If I want to spend $100, then I collect items until it costs only $100 to buy the rest.
    4. Finish a Regatta task, so I can grab a really good task that's on the task board.

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    Definitely buy the market trader - he's really useful.
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    Yep get the dealer, money well spent.

    Factory boxes mean you can load up more orders to be completed overnight or when away from game, so they are a good spend too.

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