There has been some confusion about the messaging system for this Forum.

Private Messages are sent to members and will show in their Inbox. You can have 100 private messages stored, but if you are saving your 'sent' messages, these can build up quite quickly. You cannot receive any more messages after you have reached a total of 100 messages until you either delete or download messages to make room.

A private message is the only way to communicate with each other without anybody else seeing your words on the Forum.

Visitor Messages are not private. They are left on the member's profile and will be seen in the Activity Stream of the forum and by anybody visiting that person's profile.

Group Messages are possible when a member creates a specific group on the Forum. These messages are visible to both members and guests on the Forum.

You can change your settings for receiving private and visitor messages in your Forum settings.

*Please do not leave visitor messages regarding help or support issues on the profiles of Playrix Staff members. They may not be seen and your issue will not then be investigated.

Hope this clarifies matters