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Thread: Decoration Sales

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    Decoration Sales

    Not a new thing, but I feel like the sales we used to get for X tc, plus a decoration, have really dropped off lately... was the pumpkin Ferris wheel for Halloween the last one?

    Used to be we'd often get two offers... either one with tc and dec, or one with tc and maybe a booster, or something, so those that didn't want the dec still had an option...

    Please can we have these come back? My tc is running low, and the sales have all but disappeared, especially when the dec ones are pretty much the only ones I buy.

    I know it's been holidays and major glitch/update focus, and I wouldn't want to pull people away from focussing on more needed things... maybe use this as a way to recycle old event decs? Plenty of people keep asking for those...
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    I am hoping for Tcash/deco offer before next update! Am getting low also! All that task flipping, lol and 2 more regattas

    I had an hour long offer for tcash earlier this week but didn't buy...holding out for new decorations

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