Last night the game started asking me if I wanted to access a save from the server or from my device...constantly. At times I could access my coop, other times it would say I'm not even in a coop! At one point it said I had no coop OR friends. No matter what I did it still kept asking me which save I wanted to use. I made sure the app was up to date, and I uninstalled and reinstalled several times.

There were a couple of hours where it would not connect to the server at all (my internet was working fine). When it finally let me back in I was in new player status. I connected to facebook and everything was back to normal (except for the barn animals being back in holiday gear...weird). I was even able to start a regatta task.

Then it started asking what server I wanted to connect to AGAIN but now it does not let me access my coop no matter what I select. Even though it says I'm not in a coop, my name is still listed in the coop. When I click on my name in the coop it lets me view my own town as a visitor. All of my other progress is currently available to me, and at the moment my friends are back.

My coop is a closed group so I can not simply send a request. I made them aware of my issues during the few moments I was able to, but they don't know I'm gone again because they still see me listed as a member.

Yesterday I sent requested help with removing my town from my daughter's device, so that she may access her own town. Perhaps this issue is part of your attempt to fix that...?