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Thread: Passenger Cruise Ship & Holiday Resort

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    Passenger Cruise Ship & Holiday Resort

    Has this been wished for before,?in any case,
    How about adding a place where we can build a hotel,and a holiday resort,buying a big passenger cruise ship that can take townsfolk for a holiday.
    Maybe provide people in town with a suitcase(like the ones with the little wheels) and we have to tap on them to fill up the cruise ship,if it is not full it cannot leave.
    It would then go on to the holiday place ,drop them off,and be filled up again for home journey,maybe we can generate some exp points and coins with each customer,and give us something to build with all the building materials we keep on getting by train.

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    Ooh, I like this.

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    I've always wanted a whole newish game on a cruise ship. Filling food/drink orders, cleaning rooms before check-in. Selling souvenirs on visiting islands....craziness I know.

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    Could be done as part of an event, good idea for new decos etc.

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    If you do not mind me saying so Mr Lightbox 😊,I think its pretty doable.It has so much potential,and can open up a whole new world,for everybody ,those high level folks can "work" again. I know,one of my coop members is only on level 110 and she is already yearning for something new,oh if only.......

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