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Thread: Didn't Level Up

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    Quote Originally Posted by chuveiro View Post
    I was in a good mod and make the calculations, the game add the points after going to the zoo...

    But I still Hope that they fix it.. it's an annoying situation
    Hi. Hopefully a fix should be released tomorrow

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    I am having same issue with level up points changing. I have to shut the game off and turn it back on everytime I go in the zoo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hyacinth View Post
    Hi. Hopefully a fix should be released tomorrow
    Hi, just wondering if fix came through. I have the same problem of my xp points not showing. Used to fix itself after visiting zoo a couple of times, but not anymore. Turned of my Android tablet, restarted, didn't fix. Also Uninstalled and reinstalled and still didn't fix. If fix came through will send to support but if fix didn't come through will wait. Was close to leveling up, do you know if it will level up even though it doesn't show xp points?
    Can you have them send something out in the news bulletin?

    Also it used to have the yellow tab forums and support, then hit that and then a tab to hit forums or support. Now the tab says help and support and have to hit that and then scroll down to suggestions, hit that then click on the highlighted forum in the sentence. Is this happened to everyone?

    On Android level 73

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    First, yes unfortunately Help and Support has changed .

    This post explains how it now works:

    We had people report that the issue with xp had been fixed for them. Maybe try reinstalling the game a first step to see if this helps.

    (And note we don't have any control over what they put in the news bulletins, but I will see if we can find out if it has definitely been fixed for all platforms . )

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