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Thread: Pretty Much Stuck on 29 >_<

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    Pretty Much Stuck on 29 >_<

    I've compared this game to others similar and it seems to me the games on Fishdom are all a matter of luck. If you are lucky enough to get the right pattern at the beginning you will zip right through. But you have to keep working on it to GET that pattern! Sooner or later you will hit it.

    In other similar fish games I've noted that if you play carefully and think your moves through you can win. Not here though *sigh* Still keep hammering away at it.

    Edit: I don't know why I put 29 when I MEANT level 32. >_<
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    this is the same. you must look at what is above and below before you make a match because you get a good power up if you look to see what will fall in place once you make a move. do not follow the hints all the time. i would suggest you follow them only a little bit at first to get you started. i have tried following the hints straight through a level many times. i have never won that level going by the hints. so only use them if your stuck is my advice

    happy fishing

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    Well, it's been a week and playing at least 3 times a day and I'm STILL on level 32. >_< It's starting to get frustrating and when a game gets frustrating it starts to get irritating, then aggravating. And why on earth should I play a game that aggravates me? That's no fun. This game is getting very close to becoming deleted on my tablet. There are OTHER fish tank games out there that are easier to do, even though I love the graphics on this one and the way we can name our fish. But I'll give it ONE more week. If next Monday I'm on 32 it'll be GOODBYE FISH! (And no, I will NOT pay to play a game. I have better ways of wasting money )

    I do look for the power-ups and those 'hints' are pretty much useless so I tend to ignore those

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