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Thread: 15.01 Township Trivia

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    15.01 Township Trivia

    Hey, Townshippers!

    Get ready to take part in your favorite TOWNSHIP TRIVIA contest!
    COUNT all of the BIRD TRACKS in the snow this time! We’ll be waiting for the correct answers below!
    FIVE winners chosen randomly will get a chance to WIN 250 T-cash each!

    Good luck, guys!

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    My vote is 53, pick me, pick me

    Second post Merged:

    Well, I can't edit my post. Too bad I can't "read and comprehend" at the same time (lol). Thanks to my buddy who gave me a heads up , guess I will skip this one. Good luck to all .

    NEW: I am just nuts today, how could I edit this one and not my first one? Just dawned on me. I can't read, comprehend, count, and now apparently my editing skills are gone too. Going to try and merge everything. Geeze, I need a drink (lol)
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    40? Although I get a different result each time I count 😂

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    As per usual, link blocked. Ugh

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bessville View Post
    As per usual, link blocked. Ugh
    Re-uploaded for you:

    Sometimes adblock and other browser extensions can be hypersensitive.

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    Thankyou so much Amoria.. sorry I’m a pain

    Edit: ohhhhh, I geddit, doh.. 40
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    I think there are 40 tracks.

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    I think there are 40 bird tracks in the snow.

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    43 BIRD tracks

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    I see 40 bird tracks!

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