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Thread: Regatta Suggestions

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    Regatta Suggestions

    Some of these may have already been suggested, but I think they're good ideas and should be considered.

    Regatta Opt In/Out Reminder
    - A reminder/automated message sent in the co-op chat or as a notification that Regatta is starting in 'x' hours and you should opt in/out. Could be sent every 'x' hours.

    Dump/Delete Button Color Change
    - I think it would be better if this button was red, so it's more noticeable that it's used to dump tasks.

    Display the number of members racing in a Co-op
    - Both on the competition screen and in your co-op the number of racers should be displayed.
    - This helps to know how many players you're actually racing against and if anyone has dropped out or not.
    - Saves the trouble of counting racing members in some cases.

    Golden Leaderboard for Solo, <15 Members and 15> Members

    - I agree that it's unfair solo co-ops can overtake anyone on the leaderboard because of the bigger task pool they have.
    - Co-op means co-operative which means more than 1 person working together to perform task(s).
    - Solo co-ops are fine, but they shouldn't be weighed the same as bigger co-ops.
    - It's much more difficult to finish and co-ordinate tasks with a larger group than to refresh all 12 tasks for yourself.
    - Having 3 types of leaderboards would allow for the bigger co-ops to have a better chance at the top 200 spots.

    Task Board Task List based on Members Racing
    - This would be a big change, but I think it would help overall with some bigger co-ops struggling because of the limited tasks available on the task board.
    - There could be another 3 tasks added to the board for 30 member co-ops.
    - Every 2 members = 1 extra task on the task board. Minimum of 6-9 and max of 12-15.

    Task Queue
    - This has been discussed before, but is a great point/feature that would ease some of the Regatta struggles.
    - The 30 min timer on tasks really isn't worth refreshing with the wide range of tasks that are not only difficult, but low in points. *If it guaranteed a higher point task like 131-135 then maybe...
    - If a task queue for 1 task was added it would help members obtain the tasks they need rather than worrying about it being taken or disappearing in some way.

    Task Queue Explanation
    - The task queue could be simple as adding a new + icon to the task board.
    - When you press '+' it will ask you if you want to add the task you're currently on to the queue.
    - To balance this it can cost 1 cash to add a task to the queue.
    - When added to the queue it will sit at the top of your task journal and have a start/delete button beside it (Could be a checkmark/x icon also)
    - You can choose to start or delete the task when no tasks are in progress.
    - Dumping the task in the queue is the same as dumping a task to refresh it.
    - It will not count towards your tasks in that league, and will begin immediately when you start it.
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    All great ideas Brendon. Playrix should employ you! 😅

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    My favorite on here is the "reserving a task" option. I think that would be so helpful!

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    I love the suggestions! I want to know where the current points earned by each player went. We can tell who is racing but it's nice to see even your own points!

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    Go to the bottom of the tasks tab on your regatta window. Then tap on the green statistics button. You'll see a list there. You will also notice it tells you how many dumped tasks you have.

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    Thank you Beth61477! It's like a reset at the grocery store. I knew where everything was and now is moved. 😂 I still prefer the points and helped count when you open the co-op board. Much more efficient!

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    Addition to new changes

    OK. I should have waited before complaining about the change. 😳 The new setup is waaayyyyyyyyy better! More information and more easily accessed. 😊👍

    So now that I've used this for a few days, the two improvements that I would like to see is the "tasks" and "points" be column labels instead of in each player. Add a column for helped so all regatta info is right there in one place.
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    +1 for the "reserving of a task" suggestion. Maybe just a note to your co-players (which they may choose to ignore) that you would like to do a certain task next?

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    After finally winning a Regatta I was extremely disappointed in the rewards. Seriously, more building materials? While one of the rewards was gold, the rest was building material. And again the same thing for the rewards for bouyes. It seems to me that if you win or are in the top three you should not only get gold but Jewels and even coins not more building material. My barn is so full of building material from trains that I have to delete it. It was very disappointing to win. I would almost rather get 4th Place and below.

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