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Thread: Level 228 Glitch

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    Question Level 228 Glitch

    I have noticed on other people's level 228 that there are the purple gift boxes, but mine does not have any and I have been stuck on this level for a while now.

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    You can send a request from within the game. They will tell you if that change is normal or not. Sometimes Playrix modify a level and the Youtube video become outdated. You may have the new version of that level.

    In your version, do you have the same amount of items to collect and the same amount of moves? That could be a telltale sign they changed it.
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    I’ve been playing level 228 now for a week and can’t get past. I have even purchased boosters but to no avail. I usually have to waste a rainbow ball to clear three pieces! I just seem to keep picking out “three in a row” moves and “no more moves- reshuffle”. It’s just too frustrating for me 🥴

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