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If it's not working out after a period of observation, it's easier to tell them why and let them know they will be let go. Nicely, of course! I've learned to be a bit tougher lol.
Haha! Awesome!

It'd be nice to be able to see the times of how long it takes someone to finish their tasks. Not just the co-ops you're racing against but individual statistics.

You know what really bugs me? Finishing all of the tasks and the game still treating you as if you're still racing. It'd be nice if there was an actual finishing line and the system let you and the other co-ops know who has finished their tasks without making them work for it. Unless a person has a perfect score, you'd have to actively track the other co-ops which is only fun when you're still racing and are invested on everyone else's progress. (Yes, I do that.) Just my two cents ☺️