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Thread: 15.01 Q&A with William

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    How do I change an item I've picked like a rug or table

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    Quote Originally Posted by JusaintRite View Post
    How do I change an item I've picked like a rug or table
    Just do a long press on the item. The initial menu with the 3 choices will appear.
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    3DS games very much I love both of these games very much thank you for letting me play I hope I get some stuff I got to win it though I have no money to buy stuff but thank you love the game always will

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    How Old Is Austin

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    Ile Austin ma lat

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    His career was asked but he did not answer it! What did he do for a living!!

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    Send me a1000,00 coin

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    Привет Остину

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    Lol I really like this game

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