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Thread: 15.01 Q&A with William

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    15.01 Q&A with William

    Dear players! Not long ago we gave you the chance to ask William questions on our Facebook page. Austin's dad finally took a minute to answer them, and share some interesting and funny facts about his life.

    Like Father Like Son

    What was Austin like as a kid? Did he ever break anything or do something naughty? What was his childhood like?
    Baby Austin was a rambunctious child. I remember him making “emergency landings” in Olivia's gladioli or sliding down the banisters in the hall in the middle of a party. I still wonder how he managed to become such a great butler. Anyway, I was proud of him then and I certainly still am now

    Did Austin ever play sports or was he artistic as a child?
    Austin was an athletic kid. He tried many sports but was never into one for long. In terms of art, he revealed a lot of talent in wallpaper drawing. But I guess being grounded for picking the wrong canvas played a big role in his giving up on becoming an artist…

    Hi William, does Austin have any siblings? Would be neat if his sister was a librarian or something.
    Austin is our only child, but he has many relatives. I hope we’ll have some of them visit us soon.

    Dear William,
    Your son is always clean cut and helpful. Please tell us what your secret is. All parents would be happy to raise their children the same way. Because they will be taking care of us one day. We would like them to be more like Austin.
    Mom worried about retirement.

    Dear Michelle. It partly comes from his professional experience, but yes, Austin is still a very caring son. He is now at any rate. He hasn’t always been though. And I think that’s the answer to your question. Even into his 20s he was literally testing our patience, but we always were there for him, even if he happened to make choices we didn't like. If he’d decided to become a guitarist, we would have been by his side. And that made us very close and helped us to keep supporting each other no matter what.

    Who does your son Austin get his good looks from?
    Seriously? It’s obvious, he looks just like me!

    Are you hoping for Katherine to become your daughter in law?
    Oh, I think they’re old enough to make decisions about things like that on their own. But Austin is still so shy sometimes that it might be a good idea to give him a little push.

    The Love of His Life

    How long have you and your wife been married?
    We made vows to each other in March, 1975, and officially got married soon after. So we've been married for... more than forty years by now! That's a pretty big deal.

    William, how did you and Olivia meet? Where would you live if you sold the house?
    Oh I am sorry, Denecia, but Olivia asked me not to talk about when we first met. I think she’s got something planned… But I think it’s safe to tell about the house, we decided not to sell it a while ago, and very happy about that!

    What do you and Olivia like doing together? What does she like that you would rather be left out of?
    Sometimes we cook together: I chop veggies for her or make donuts. But I’m definitely the star when it comes to making coffee. It’s famous all over town. Olivia is my biggest fan. And I'm not the biggest fan of social gatherings. But if my wife makes up her mind to take me to one, nothing will stop her, even an old suit!

    How did you and Olivia meet? How long did it take you to know that she was the one? And how did you propose to her?
    As I said before, I promised Olivia not to talk about the first time we met. I think we'll soon find out why. I proposed to her in the hall of this very house. I was so nervous and trembling that I almost fell down the stairs!

    William, what was your career and how did you afford such an enormous house? Oh, and where do you and your wife sleep? I’ve never seen your bedroom.
    I inherited the house from my grandfather, Charles Barrow. I agree, the place is enormous! But what can I say? I can't abandon my family’s heritage. Besides, an apartment would be too small for my collections. As for the bedroom, we prefer to keep it private. If you ever happen to come visit us, we'll give you the most comfortable guest bedroom.

    What is your secret to a long marriage?
    There's no secret. There are no secrets between Olivia and me either. Maybe that's the secret

    Would you like to go on holiday instead of staying at home?
    Of course not! What's the point of renovating the house only to leave it for a holiday? We like having guests! And there’s a nice occasion coming up at our place, by the way.

    Quickfire Questions

    What is your favorite color?
    I know which ones I don't like, that’s for sure. But if I had to choose the color that I loved the most, it would be the bright red color of my Forsche. It's just so provocative!

    What is your favorite book to read in your chair?
    The Complete Butler's Guide, of course. It's a great one, you’d enjoy it. I also like reading Charles Stevens' stories from time to time.

    What was your hobby when you were younger?
    I could talk forever about my achievements in golf, but it was racing that won my heart once and for all. I still have a mini race car collection!

    What is your favorite holiday? Favorite food?
    Christmas is my favorite holiday. Food? Anything made by Olivia No exceptions.

    What do you believe your greatest accomplishment is?
    Austin, of course.
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    Why Katherine? Why couldn't be Jane? Ahhhhhh....

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    I can not believe that I miss the opportunity to talk with Willian! I love alô the characters!

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    Love the characters.

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    Love the game and the characters

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    Love this game

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    Love this game

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    Love this game

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    Melhor jogo

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