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Thread: Co-Ops looking for new members

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    New co-op just set up for Regatta players, please come & join us.
    Our co-op name is Townville.
    Everyone in the co-op is very helpful to each other

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    Co op name: Sonic Boom
    Symbol: Axes with red background
    Required level: 28

    We are currently at steel league in the regatta and looking for active participants! Please join if you like helping and completing regattas.

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    Regatta Focussed Co-Op members all score 750 to 1500 per regatta, 1st wood league, 1st in copper league 2nd in steel league, 2nd in silver league, Now in Gold League have added three new active ppl we help each other daily, LF more decent points scorers (ENG preferred but w ehave global members), friend me on code 3R9KHG.
    Phoenix Co-Op
    Kingdom of Steel
    Lord Turpin.

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    My co-op name is Floating Angels. If your serious about doing task and competing, and have no problem sharing, please join us.

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    Co-op is Beautiful Cloud Harmony: level 40, English, open, and want to participate in Regatta. This co-op wants to be number one in the Regatta.

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    Our Co-op is Happy Helpers and we are looking for active players who are really willing to help fellow co-op members. We are a terrific group and our members are quick to help fellow co-op members in need, though we have had to cut some members for taking advantage of that and not helping in return.

    While regatta participate is not strictly required, it is requested that you at least do so often. When not participating, it's only fair that you help those members who are competing complete their tasks as soon as possible (whenever possible)-- since you will still receive rewards at the end of each regatta based on those who are playing.

    I apologize if the tone of this post offends anyone as that is not my intention. Not being mean, just honest.
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    New Member JuliaMac111's Avatar
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    Aug 2016
    Adult R Us

    Very active adult Co-op in the Gold League

    Looking for active adult players. English required. International welcome. We have members from all over.

    15 tasks @ 130 average preferred

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    My co-op is Friends and neighbors with a purple flower as the crest. My town is Bosslady Village. Please join me!

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    Our co op is called Girl Power. We are pretty amazing at supporting each other and have done really well in a few regattas. We welcome males also and already have quite a few. We need a few more members to help us win the golden league in regatta. There is a few co ops with the same name but ours has a purple shield with peace sign and white dove. Come on over to the light side and experience what a co op should be like. You won't be sorry. You must be willing to help other members whenever possible and race in regatta also. I am the co op leader and my town is Wonderland, please come and find us, we need you to win!
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    De'riveurs de Mer

    Sea Drifters in English.
    A low stress unfocused Co-op.
    Help will come for you to advance in
    game and you are expected to do same.
    Some Regattas played. Minimum level 67.
    Town - DALISCAPE
    Coop - seul en mer(#SEU82G)
    Be kind.

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