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Thread: Co-Ops looking for new members

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    Active players reqd

    Hey all!!
    We are a silver league team.. we have been trying to get into golden league but cannot probably for three reasons-
    1) Hackers
    2) We are avg 50 or so level team and we have been put to compete with players of much higher level
    3) Some of our players don’t contribute much
    We have a vacany of around 8-9 players but will admit players with full commitment cz everybody in our team is busy with work but we somehow manage to play and do well (for instance, my personal regatta score this race is – 1745 & help 645).
    So if ur regatta score was atleast 1000 and ur helping score was around 90-100, inbox me ur township code name.
    You can check our co-op “ Pune “ and am the leader - “God’s own land”

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    Looking for competitive Regatta players. We complete only 135 point tasks and finish all tasks available. If that sounds like you please send a request to Regatta 135

    Must be level 75 or higher

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    Hey Mayors!!

    Township Troopers is looking for new active and chatty players!

    These are our easy requirements
    -Daily Active
    -Chatty (english)
    -Lev 45 or more

    This is our "regatta way"
    Considering that everyone has their own commitments and this is just a game, even if we are in the golden league, our request is a minimum of 10 tasks of 110 or more points, it's not mandatory to complete all the tasks required by the league.
    If you can't have a good contribution just turn off your partecipation, we want to keep fair the competition for the players involved

    Our emblem is composed by crossed axes on a blue shield
    The team has players from all over the world.
    My farm is named Dexter town ITA, i'm lev 52 atm.

    We are waiting for you!
    Join us, you won't have regrets

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    Open Co-op looking for frequent players and those wanting to do the Regatta.,,,

    Denver Broncos

    Open Co-op....looking for regatta players lvl 19 & up
    Horseshoe icon...look us up!!

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    Crispy Critters
    Minimum Level of 52

    Amazing co-op with friendly (and generous) players. We love to compete in the Regatta and are currently in the Gold level.
    Looking for players who will commit to scoring 1300+ points in the regatta, and will help 50+ times with group chat requests.

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    Now in Silver league, 12 of us, pushing hard in regatta, all 1000 points+

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    Tsp KngznQueenz (FQRSCY) anyone that is helpful and friendly that competes in Regatta and is active please give me a FR and we can link up. Need players between levels 25-35 lets have some fun. Thanks guys and gals. Preferred Launguage is English.

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    Peytonville post your code so I can't friend request a d invite you to co-op we would be glad to have you.

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    Regatta Dabblers is up to 8 wonderful members, eager to help each other and have FUN with the regatta! No one is more surprised than us that we are currently in first place, but we are NOT trying to stay there, just to have fun! Members can participate or not, pick high or low point tasks, complete all the available tasks or only a few. If this sounds like a coop you would like to be a part of, join us! The coop is open and super-friendly.
    Town: Starshine The Original
    Game level 120 1/17/17
    Zoo level 27 1/17/17
    Coop: Regatta Dabblers for people serious about helping but not about the Regatta!
    Android phone
    I welcome new Facebook friends, send your request to Starshine String and be sure to PM me here

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    Looking for helpful and competitive Regatta players to join our awesome co-op

    Former Gold League members starting a new co-op for level 60+ who desire a friendly and fun co-op that endeavors to win!
    We're looking for active daily players who are helpful and competitive Regatta players.
    We're a by request co-op that accepts members based on stats.
    All new members start as elders and can quickly move to co-leader if it's a mutual fit.
    Search co-ops for "Clever Endeavor" to join a winning co-op!!

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