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Thread: Co-Ops looking for new members

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    Established, Friendly Co-Op Seeking a Few New Members!

    After leaving my previous coop, i spent a month bouncing between seven coops before stumbling on Township Troopers, where I have remained ever since. We are a pack of committed, daily players who assist each other at every opportunity and share laughs. We've been in the Golden League since our first week of eligibility and will make sure we remain there!

    Come join us to make a helpful, friendly pack of Township neighbors!

    Township Troopers - crossed axes on a blue background.

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    Recruiting New Members Level 60+

    Canadastrongfree is looking for daily, active, English speaking players. Level 60+

    We are an established co-op with a core group that have been playing together since the inception of co-ops in June '16. All are welcome, we have international players.

    We like to have fun and win Regattas. We are Golden League champs for the last several weeks. If you participate in Regatta we ask for a minimum of 15 tasks so we can stay in the top 3 and climb the leaderboards.

    Above all we respect each other and play well together.

    If that appeals to you please join us!

    P.S. Our membership rules are posted in a different thread, please search Canadastrongfree

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    Debville requested to join our coop. We can't accept new people until you leave your present coop. Still looking for new members. Please read our terms before joining! Thanks and have a wonderful day in your town! Our group name is helping hands 1. See terms on later post oct 13

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sentosa View Post

    Im looking for a New co-op cause I joined Laurie Topia to win the regatta. We won but a lot of the old co-op members fight and I don't want to be part of that. I'm a very strong player I play several times a day, always help my co-op members when I can and finish my regatta tasks above 130. I'm level 44 and my name is Sentosa.

    Can I join ?

    Check you private messages.

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    A new thread has been created for co-ops looking for members so information is up to date

    This thread is closed.
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