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Thread: Co-Ops looking for new members

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    Co-Ops looking for new members

    I started a coop for people who are serious about helping (and being helped) but NOT about the regatta. We are going back to the basics of coop, helping each other with trains, planes, and customer orders! Low-level players are welcome and the more advanced players will understand there will be lots of items you are simply not able to help with. Players ARE expected to at least check for members needing help several times per day. We will probably never get out of wooden league but you are welcome to race or not race, take high point tasks or low, complete all the available tasks or only what you feel like.

    Also welcome are short-term members: people who are happy in their more competitive coops but want to try a different strategy or go easy for a week without risking damage to their coop's advanced status. Just make sure your coop will take you back when you are ready to compete again!

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    Co-Ops looking for new members

    Co- op : Excellent helper
    Status: (Wooden level) at least 20 member will complete all tasks per week.
    Aim: active player for regatta (kick out if regatta score below 350)
    Welcome level 40+ player, here have 28 members now.
    Moreover, you can add me as friend from Game Center . My name is PrincessErika0311. I am level 124, zoo level 32 Barn coming to 2000.
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    My Co-op is Spring's Bounty (A Quality Goods Trading Co.)

    It's located in my town - Cedar Spring.

    Our Co-op is Open with English speakers.

    Our minimum level is 35.

    We're a friendly, helpful Co-op. We don't have an application process. We enjoy chatting, helping each other, and playing the Regattas. We're not a high-pressure group, however.

    So, if you're still in need of a co-op with friendly, active members, feel free to stop by and join us! We have 2 openings.
    Town: Cedar Spring
    Town Level: 116
    Co-op: Spring's Bounty - International Regatta Community
    Forum Member: December 2015

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    Awel Mor just achieved first place in the steel league, but struggling in the silver league. We need serious regatta players who are willing to complete all tasks. Do you have the means to help us achieve the golden league? You will be made most welcome come along in and help us achieve our full potential

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    We'd love to have you in Goodies Galore! It's an active, fun, and competitive co-op that's on its way to the Golden League (we're holding a No. 1 spot in this week's Silver League Race).

    Level Requirement: 75
    Status: By Request (your stats will be looked at)
    Spaces Open: 7

    Most of our members get 1000+ points each week, but we're open to everyone taking breaks and working at their own pace.

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    Co-op: Harvest Moon
    Minimum Level: 27

    We're a fairly recent co-op, about a week old, looking for active members so we can help eachother and grow quicker together
    We currently have 6 members ranging from level 31 to 42

    We're promoting easily from wooden league this week and hopefully promote again next week with your help!

    Feel free to add me at W2ZZX5
    I'll always send help if possible


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    Looking for a New Co-op?

    Co-op Name: Mission Possible

    Regatta Status: Newly reorganized co-op that has experience in Golden League

    Aim: Serious active players for regatta OR just to help others. Must be a daily player.

    We are a truly international, English-speaking co-op seeking level 50+ players to help and be helped. Assistance is available 24/7 and you will be expected to do your part. We love players from around the world!

    We have fun and chat a lot but we are serious about our game.

    Our requirements are simple:

    If you want to participate in the regatta, you MUST complete ALL tasks available to you at 130 or higher.

    If you do NOT want to participate in the regatta, that's OK, but you must opt-out every race so you don't hurt the players that are serious about winning.

    You enjoy giving help to others as well as receiving.

    You must have a good sense of humor

    If you want to have fun or you want to win, you can send me a Private Message or add as friend from Game Center. Game Center name is afk*60 and/or [Gene_G]

    We hope to see you soon!
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    Join us!

    Our co-op is Avalon's Pantheon. We are looking for participating members! We aim to please!

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    приглашаем союзников в наш союз Азартные Фермеры - он создался из активных игроков предыдущего союза, который мы покинули в связи со странным поведением прежнего руководителя) рады активным - в предыдущем союзе все мы брали задания в регате по 135 баллов + стабильно дополнительное задание в любой лиге) занимали первые места - сейчас всё начнём с нуля, но в боевом настроении) кто ищет позитивное общение и постоянную помощь - милости просим. если что вот мой код - bcws4b... ждём всех, начиная с 40 уровня))
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    HEROES - Wanted Regatta Members

    Hello - We are looking for motivated Regatta members who want to complete all of their tasks and win - our team name is HEROES - we are all level 55 and above and take the regatta and helping each other very seriously, if you think you'd fit in we'd love to have you

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