What a funny thread.

He is - special.
No idea who created this character.
But the guy or the girl has a lot of humour and a bit of a nasty mind.

As long as I play this game I only see Austin sitting on a bench and complaining about having so many things to do.
He likes to greet me with *you should come more often*
Or *I like to stay in bed long too. But there is so much to do*
Which, of course, is a complaint again.

He is a really lazy, arrogant and selfish and also clumsy guy. (he destroyed my new fountain and I had to start all over again. )
He is the average today's guy.

Sometimes I get annoyed with him. When he gives me orders instead of doing it himself. Then I want to shake him.
And when I lose a match - this look he gives me. Like I am hopeless.

Well, it's a game. And he is a game character. Nothing more, nothing less.

And somehow - he is special.