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Thread: Anyone Else Super Annoyed With Austin?

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    I love Austin. I was disappointed that he stopped saying "Wow" after every level. Now it's only once in a while. I am also disappointed of the story line with scientist lady. It is so obvious he has crushes on some of the guys.

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    Well, Austin tends to be a little 'inconsistent' once in a while:

    On the one hand he says, that you sometimes need luck to be successful in sorcery, on the other hand he admits that he doesn't believe in luck at all (as there are, supposedly, good days and bad days).

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    I really want punch him in the face when he winkes at me.

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    I agree I did a post on need more lives it's ridiculous that we can't get more lives or better boost they should do something cause I'm 1 that puts money on here as well just to lose i can't do it no more...

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