Hi, am new to this forum! Glad to see many other players in this endless struggle of grinding for stars lol.

I guess many of you have already complained about the difficulty and minimal coins and stars rewarded at each level so I won't go further into that. I play infrequently so although I too am frustrated by all that, I am still playing now and then when I have time or feel extra lucky.

One thing that really does get on my nerves - AUSTIN. For some reason, I get really pissed off at him. Firstly, if I am not mistaken, this is my mansion and he is my butler. Why on earth should I waste stars to do those side quests to help him reminisce his past instead of actually restoring my garden? Secondly, although I know it's part of the story line, but he is so clumsy and unhelpful as a butler that again my precious stars are wasted to clean up after him (e.g. the paint buckets that Robbie told him to put away). Thirdly, he is so rude with his supposedly-funny-but-not-funny sarcastic comments! When I was already fuming over a lost level and he goes "sorry this is my fault that I didn't cheer for you...blah blah". ARGH SHUT UP will you? I always click on something far away to get him out of my sight (even then he goes "I don't have time for this" - what kind of butler are you?). I really want to hit him when he claps and says "wow" half-heartedly at the end of the level. Seriously, go away Austin...you did nothing to help.

lol sorry end of rant. Just wondering if anyone else had similar feelings or is it just me who transferred my negative feelings in this game to Austin?