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Thread: General observations

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    General observations

    The main thing that sparked my mind to write this post was the new graphics update, which I dont know about you, but for me was a big let down. I felt that the old graphics within the game mode was one of the key differentiators when compared to many other similar type of games.

    I dont want to come accross too whiny, in general I love the game and Im now on 1355 stage, so it clearly demonstrates that the game is fun and well functioning. But with this many hours spent on the game, you start to notice the minor details that effect the user experience.

    For me the following things are mildly irritating, but I get that these are hard to fix at this point.

    - ”red” levels are way harder than the 2 star ”ultra hards”
    - the wheel of fortune should be split differently, since the odds on get anything else than lives / bombs / electric balls are significantly lower than the wheel states
    - and like mentioned earlier, the new graphics look a bit smudgy and in my eyes falls into the ”cheap and fast” produced category of games.

    But yeah, these are just some pointers that I as a player have noticed that effect negatively on my user experience. Sorry for the long post and ”negativity”, but if I’d list the positives, the post would go on and on.

    Let me know if there’s something else itching your mind and admins, if you get any news if the graphics would be adjusted.


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    I totally agree on the graphics update.
    Also, I may be wrong but with the new update some of the tasks require more stars than before (plesiosaurus statue now 2x 5 stars instead of 2 x 4)?

    The ultra hard levels will disappear after a certain level anyway (can't say which one, but beyond level 2000 at least there are only red ones left)

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    I don't have any graphics change but do not seem to be missing an update.What other changes came with the graphics change?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Catcat View Post
    I don't have any graphics change but do not seem to be missing an update.What other changes came with the graphics change?
    The introduction of profile pictures for example. If you go to Settings, you should have 15 options of different in-game characters (from gardenscapes and homescapes) to chose from, or your fb profile picture (if you are connected to fb).
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