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Thread: Anyone Else Super Annoyed With Austin?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lightbox View Post
    I don't hate him lol I do want to give him an extra poke now and then when he does something crazy. I'm building a fountain now and curious to know that he's going to break it...this is going to mean extra poking coming his way.
    Lol. I have found myself waving back at him. I really need to get out more

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    LOL Austin (wish I could change his name) is part of what I like about this game. I don't hold him responsible when the developers reconstruct a fountain before removing trees. We all saw that broken fountain coming. It's part of them giving us things to do in the garden I guess. It would be less frustrating to redo things if it didn't cost me to make the silly call AND for the expert's service. I also dig the dog. I'd want a cat but I fear I would always be tasked to rescue it from the tree! And I find myself waving back too! I was happy to see that posted by someone else because... you's weird.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hyacinth View Post
    Lol I am exactly the same! I answer him back too and it is a great stress reliever For example:

    Austin: You've been gone a long time. It's been a whole day!
    Me: Is that one of your days or one of mine? At least my day is only 24 hours long while yours take months!

    Also when it comes up with: you can watch Austin busy working in the garden for hours. Errrr.....rea!ly?
    :-D hahaha Great! Thought I was too weird to respond. lol
    One time he asked why do I always play at night and I was like, "Uh-oh! I been caught!", lol
    It is all fun really .. keeps me company when having a date with lonely. :-D

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    Quote Originally Posted by shushu927 View Post
    Haha really? I can never associate Austin with handsome and sweet...ESPECIALLY NOT WHEN HE JUST BROKE MY NEW FOUNTATIN Why is he cutting the tree in that direction? Of course it would fall right onto the fountain! Why couldn't I just hire someone professional to remove those trees? Why must he show off his "superb forestry skills" ARGHHHHHHHHH

    No love for Austin. You can take the Austin in my game also and I'll be fine with just the dog lol. I guess I will never miss him either because I can never finish this game (currently stuck on level 143 for ages).
    :-D lol I agred with ya about the fountain and I actually pictured it and posted it on my IG page but it only lead to something more beautiful, don't you agree? That is how the universe works out sometimes for some of us.
    Patience with friends is rewarding. :-)
    Send your Austin over to me .. I don't mind having two of him working around! :-D

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    I vote we be given the option to bury Austin in his beloved garden, if I'd known he was gonna break my fountain I would have buried him under it before work started

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    I came looking for this thread, I knew it had to exist. Austin drives me bonkers! All I ever see him do is read the newspaper and complain. He reminds me of my old boss. The expression on his face when I don't pass a level… I want to say "then you do it, and I'll read the paper!". And I am ever hopeful that the next task will be something I'm interested in, not a box delivered to the sidewalk that doesn't even belong to us. How many stars am I going to blow getting rid of that? And after Austin begged for hedges, his first comment was "they're awfully leafy, guess I'll have to prune them" – but guess who is working to find the trimmers and trim the hedges?

    Anyway, now that I've found this forum I'm going to read up on other stuff but this was my big complaint. It might sound trivial but it goes hand-in-hand with my real gripe with the game... too difficult and too much work for too little control and too little reward. And an obnoxious butler!

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    I wish there was a way to turn off his annoying prattle. It makes the game a lot less fun. He needs to be more like a butler and less like a hypercritical parent. I'd play this game a lot more often if he would just shut the heck up.

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    I am on the 70's level and took me forever to finally get to the fountain. After I got to the level to fill the fountain Austin says something wrong with pump we'll get to it tomorrow. So tomorrow came and still no water in the fountain. I am really frustrated with this game as it takes forever to get anything accomplished. I can't believe I am actually on a forum for a game, lol. I want to continue playing but this is frustrating. Any suggestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shushu927 View Post
    Attachment 2406

    This smile of Austin's particularly annoys me lol
    He's doing it again many times in the Spring Update!!! Argh obviously the woman in the photo beside your dad would be your mum? (unless his dad had a prior history of cheating lol) And really, an empty tool box? You barely do any work and yet you managed to misplace all 7 tools in the garden...what kind of butler are you?

    Dunno why recently I am super annoyed with Austin again
    Gardenscapes - New Acres Level 2255
    Hating Austin with a passion

    Homescapes Level 500
    Austin in observation

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    I love him. He's so sweet. But he ignores his dog. I wish I could tap on the dog and then he would play with him.. But no. He's like "oh hold on. Interesting article in my newspaper that I've read a hundred times today." Like what about your dog? He's bored.

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