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Thread: 12.01 Eagle Eye!

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    The Moon is different The dog's has no spot The pink reindeer's should be white The mailbox has grass on top The red gift box should be green
    The white trees shouldn't have yellow lights The house has no decoration The dog collar should be red Therer are No mountain The pine tree near the house should have Christmas lights The trees behind the bench The path towards the house Austain shoes the squeal should be bunny the trees as no lights

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    Austins shoes are different the dog doesnt have a spot and its darker in color. Austins bowtie is supposed to be red and the dogs collar Is red too. The bench stripes have to be red not blue. The reindeer is not pink, it's suppose to be ice blue. The ice cat monument is different. The mailbox is missing green on the wreath under the red bow. Buttons on austin shirt have to be white and bigger not brown. Mansion needs more windows. Never seen mountains on the game and the picture has them. Red present has a white bow not a golden one. There is no snow on the ground on the game and there is no big pine tree next to the mansion. The holly plants on the floor are not on the game. The hanging wreath above the main entrance of the house, Is missing the yellow stars. The trees are missing lights.

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    Tutta la pagina iniziale tranne la casa di sfondo, il colore della casa

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    Bows on red gift boxes are red
    No spot on dogs back
    Greenery on mailbox under bow
    Missing snowflake decor on roof
    Dogs collar is red
    Austin’s bow tie is red
    Deer sculpture is ice blue
    Squirrel sculpture instead of bunny
    Different background behind mansion
    White tree lights are on
    Snow on the ground
    Blue stripes on bench instead of red
    Missing bow and wreath on bench
    Pathway to mansion instead of grass
    Shape of Austin’s shoes
    Leafy, berry greenery in the snow

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    Also jetzt kommt die Antwort die keiner mehr toppen kann. Alles ist falsch!!! Austin geht im Spiel nachts schlafen!

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    Es ist alles falsch. Austin schläft nachts!

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    Обувь, галстук, пуговицы Остина, пятно на собаке, розовый олень, белочка, гирлянда, почтовый ящик, лента на подарочной коробке, плитка, скамейка, украшения дома, окна, за домом деревья это или горы, снег, зелень на снегу, деревья - это все странности, не совпадения, а вообще в саду нет такого места что изображено на картинке, скамья и почтовый ящик находятся на улице, а скамья которая в саду выглядит по другому. Рядом с оленями фигуры гномиков, и подарочной коробки нет. Остин ночью в саду не гуляет, идет в свой особняк.

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    1. pine tree near the house
    2. the path towards in the house
    3. dog collar
    4. moon
    5. the white trees
    6. the house
    7. mountain silhouette gift box- is green
    9. the pink reindeer's should be white
    10.the mailbox

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    Spots on the dog. Austins bow tie is not red. The deer are not pink. The ice cat sculpture. The bench looks different. The white trees behind the bench and the gree ln trees that should be ice behind the not supposed to be pink deer.

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    Austin's bowtie is not purple it is red. The ice deers are still out. The dogs I guess birthmark isn't usually there.

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