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Thread: 12.01 Eagle Eye!

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    Austin wants to make his dog happy and plan for celebrate Chrismise with new ideas

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    The moon, the top of the roof peak doesn’t have decoration, bow tie color is pink instead of red, there is a squirrel in this one vs a bunny, the presents are red vs green, less present here than on game, red reindeer vs blue, dog collar is green vs red, white on the dogs tail in this one, Christmas lights in tree. Mail box is missing green garland and isn’t on game intro screen, decorated Christmas tree, spots on dog, Santa hat is missing. Sled full of presents missing. The shrub behind the squirrel is different. Blue deer in the far back vs a blue bunny on Game. Random blocks of ice. Stone path is different, No fruit on the ground. Bench is not on game. 3 buttons on Austin’s shirt vs 4 on game. There are no trees with lights in the background like on the game. Dog has Christmas themed toy in mouth on game. Austin’s shoes are different.

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    1. La Luna
    2. El lugar del perro
    3. El reno rosado debe ser blanco
    4. El buzón
    5. El cuadro de regalo rojo debe ser verde
    6. Los árboles blancos
    7. La casa
    8. El collar del perro
    9. La silueta de la montaña
    10. El pino cerca de la casa
    11. Los árboles detrás del banco
    12. El camino hacia la casa

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    The mansion is different

    theres a Gargoyle on top of the house

    the path to the house is odd

    the bench is wrong it should be red stripes

    Austin's bowtie is wrong

    the dog has the wrong collar on

    the deer are white not pink

    the cat sculpture is not right

    the gift box is odd

    there's a silhouette of a mountain in the background

    The Holly on the ground is wrong

    The white trees are odd

    The dog should not have spots

    Austin's Shoes are wrong

    I don't see the lights on the end of the house

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    Agustinin papyonunun rengi

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    1. Austin's bow tie has different color.
    2. Mansion has more windows.
    3. Dog doesn't have spots.
    4. Reindeers are blue.
    5. There is no squirrel sculpture in the game.
    6. Benches are red and white.
    7. Red presents have white ribbons
    8. Dog's collar is red
    9. Austin's buttons are different colour
    10. Post box has green decoration
    11. Ice tiles are square in the game
    12. There should be no grass/weeds between tiles
    13. There is no snow
    14. No clovers
    15. There are no leafy treas with fairy lights.
    16. We can't see any sky in the game.
    17. Austin's shoes are pointy
    18. Fairy lights on icy trees are silver not gold/yellow.
    19. No Santa's bag on the roof in the picture
    20. No icy trees next to mansion entrance in the picture

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    Everything has been altered or changed in some way........ EXCEPT...
    The Mansion Windows... and..
    The 2 Reindeer on the Mansion Roof

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    Austin on a bench, pink reindeer Austin not holding a gift

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    The roof of the house doesn’t decorated with ice deers, the dog is darker and has red collar, Ausin’s butterfly tie is red, the deer near to Austin and dog should be icy blue not pink, and the bench is different style, and there is not should be little cat statue next to deer, and Austin’s shirt buttons are white not red, the heads of icy deers are turned aside, the postbox placed in another side, the trees behind bench with Austin and dog should be completely ice blue, the tile is other color and style, the house has more windows and rooms
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