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Thread: 12.01 Eagle Eye!

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    Las manchas del perro La pajarita de Austins no es roja. El ciervo no es rosa. La escultura del gato es de hielo. El banco no es igual. Los árboles blancos detrás del banco y el verde de los arboles detras del reno estan nevados

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    Color de la pajarita de austin, unicornio, casa, manchas del perro

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    Spots on the dog, he has none. Austin's bow tie is not pink, the ice deer is not pink, there's a ice squirrel not seen before, dog's collar is red not green, bench border is red not blue, house is missing windows, flowers growing in the snow, trees are green should be winter, no leaves.

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    1. The Moon
    2. The dog's spot
    3. The pink reindeer's should be white
    4. The mailbox
    5. The house
    6. The dog collar
    7. Austin bow tie
    8. Ornaments on the roof not right.
    9. Bench

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    The mansion dogs spots austins shoes the moon trees by mansion trees by bench mailbox blue present pink raindeer and the snow on the trees

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    The Moon The dog's spot The pink reindeer's should be white
    The mailbox. The red gift box should be green
    The white trees The houseThe dog collar
    The mountain silhouette
    The pine tree near the house. The trees behind the bench
    . The path towards the house

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    Pink reindeer
    Austin tie isn't red
    Spots on dog
    White trees behind bench
    The moon
    The house has more Windows
    The cat sculpture is wrong
    Trees behind pink deer is green should have ice on them

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    The spots on the dog,the moon,pink deer, Austin’s bow tie,the color of the bench,blue cat,mountains and tree near the house.

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    Austin’s bow tie wrong colour
    Reindeer should be white
    Cat Sculpture Wrong
    No Santa sack on roof
    Not enough decorations at mansion door
    Bench stripe incorrect colours
    Spots on dog
    Dog collar wrong colour
    White trees incorrect
    Should be white trees at mansion door
    No star on mansion roof
    Parcel at tree wrong colour
    Should be ice in tree by bench
    No moon or mountains
    Pathway to mansion incorrect
    Post box decoration bow
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    1.The Moon.
    2. The dog's spot.
    3. The pink reindeer's should be white.
    4. The mailbox.
    5. The red gift box should be green.
    6. The white trees.
    7. The house.
    8. The dog collar.
    9. The mountain silhouette.
    10. The pine tree near the house.
    11. The trees behind the bench.
    12. The path towards the house.

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