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Thread: 12.01 Eagle Eye!

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    Spots on the dog. Austins bow tie is not red. The deer are not pink. The ice cat sculpture. The bench looks different. The white trees behind the bench and the gree ln trees that should be ice behind the not supposed to be pink deer.

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    Austin's bowtie should be red, no spots on dog, bench stripes are wrong color, mailbox is missing greenery, reindeer should be ice blue, ribbon on present is wrong color, tree should be completely blue, ice sculpture of squirrel doesn't belong, different bow shape on present, frozen trees should be taller, Austin's buttons should be white, there shouldn't be snow on the ground, dog collar wrong color, no mountains on game, no little purple flowers in game

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    Bowtie is wrong color, buttons are wrong, dog color is wrong, no spots on dog, no snow on ground, no small flowers, no greenery on mailbox, bow on present is wrong shape and color, no animal ice scuplture of squirrel, feer shoild be all blue, tree should be all one color and larger

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    1. Presents should be green with red bowties
    2. Austins bowtie is red not blue
    3. Dogs collar should be red also no paw on back of dog
    4. Deer made of ice not red
    5. No lights on trees
    6. Bench handles should be red and white also red ribbon and small wreath are missing
    7. Candy canes and lit trees missing from in front of the house

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    1. Austin's bowtie should be red, not fushia.
    2. His suspender's should be blue, not purple.
    3. His shirt buttons should be white, not brown.
    4. His shoes should be brown with dark brown pointed tips.
    5. He is not bald. His hair should be parted on the left side.
    6. Chester should be black and white, not brown.
    7. Chester does not have a pawprint mark on his back.
    8. Chester's collar is red, not green.
    9. There shouldn't be plants with flowers growing in the snow.
    10. The ice deer should be blue, not red.
    11. The ice rabbit should be a ice gnome.
    12. The mailbox should have an evergreen spray under the red ribbon.
    13. The bench should have red and white stripes, not blue and white.
    14. The present should either be either a green box with a gold bow or a red box with white bow.

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    The Moon
    The dog's spot
    The pink reindeer's
    The white trees
    The gingerbread house
    The mountain silhouette
    The pine tree near the house
    The trees behind the bench
    Presents should be green with red bowties
    Austins bowtie is red not blue
    Dogs collar should be red also no paw on back of dog Deer made of ice not red
    No lights on trees
    Bench handles should be red and white also red ribbon and small wreath are missing
    Candy canes and lit trees missing from in front of the house.

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    Austin sat on right on Christmas seat petting dog rather than stood on left
    Red present instead of bigger green presents
    The sky and moon is different
    Red deer on left
    Austin’s Bow tie is pink not red
    No dog on the left with toy
    Shorter ears on bunny on the left
    Austin’s jeans are a different blue
    Austin’s shoes are different
    Austin’s hoes are different colour
    Has a Christmas post box
    Floor is covered in snow
    Has a white tree and bunny in the background on the left
    House is bigger
    Tree has lights on the left
    No apples or berries at the front

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    Spots on the dog

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    1. Austin's bow tie should be red not purple.
    2. Austin should be wearing a Christmas hat.
    3. Austin's trousers and braces should be light blue and not dark blue.
    4. Austin should have buckles on his shoes.
    5. The dog shouldn't have patches/spots.
    6. The ears on the ice sculpture next to the gift are pointed and short - they should be tall and curved.
    7. There are no fairy lights in the trees.
    8. The gift on the left is red with a gold bow and should be green with a red bow.
    9. The gift on the left is too small.
    10. The gift on the left is placed on the right side of the ice sculpture and should be on the left.
    11. There is a green gift with red bow missing from the right side.
    12. Austin should be holding a green gift with red bow.
    13. Austin should be standing on the left side holding a gift not sitting on the bench petting the dog on the right.
    14. There shouldn't be a bench.
    15. There shouldn't be a post box.
    16. The dog shouldn't have a piece of Christmas tree branch with baubles attached in his mouth.
    17.The dog should be on the left side.
    18. The dog should 've standing not sitting.
    19. The sleigh with gifts and 2 ice sculptured reindeer is missing from the right.
    19. Green gift with red bow missing from the right.
    20. Small ice sculpture missing from the right.
    21. Christmas tree missing from the right.
    22. Yellow lights on icy branches on the left and right - they should be white.
    23. Icy branches with white lights missing from left side.
    24. There shouldn't be any snow on the grass.
    25. Missing ice blocks.
    26. There shouldnt be a path all of the way to the house.
    27. There shouldn't be a pink reindeer.
    28. Missing the fright in ice.
    29. There shouldnt be any flowers growing out of snow on the left.
    30. Trees are different on the right.
    31. Moon shouldn't be shadowed.
    32. Moon in wrong part of sky.
    33. Clouds in wrong places.
    34. Star is missing from top of house.
    35. Ice sculpture reindeer to the left of house should not be there.
    36. There should be an icy tree to the left of house.
    37. There should be a small bunny ice sculpture to the left of house.
    38. Candy canes with red and green gifts in wrong place.
    39. Candy cane gifts placed wrong.
    40. Missing 2 icy trees from in front of house.
    41. Missing icy tree from right side of picture.
    42. Green shrub pots are different each side of front door.
    43. 2 Windows missing from right side of house.
    44. Small trees missing from right side of house.
    45. Dogs collar should be red not green.
    46. House is a different colour.
    47. Skyline is different.
    48. Stars in sky.
    49. Small tree missing from left and right side.
    50. Trees missing from skyline.
    51. Different trees on right side of picture.
    52. Small ice sculpture is a squrrel and should be a bunny.
    53. Austin's shoes are different.
    54. Austin's bow tie is lower.
    55. The word gardenscapes is in wrong place
    57. No play button.
    58. Bunny ice sculpture missing from left near house.
    59. Trees missing from left side of house.
    60. Missing puddles.

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    Pink reindeer, markings on dog, mansion front different, collar on dog not brown, Austin sitting not standing, bow tie on Austin wrong color, no blue berries or cherries in scene, replaced with pointsettiers

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