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Thread: 12.01 Eagle Eye!

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    1. The Moon🌚
    2. The dog's spots aren’t supposed to be there.
    3. The pink reindeer should be white🦌
    4. The mailbox is missing the green garland🌿
    5. The red gift box should be green and a white bow 🎁
    6. There shouldn’t be snow on the ground ❄️
    7. The mansion doesn’t have enough windows 🏠
    8. The dog collar should be red 🐶
    9. The mountain silhouette shouldn’t be there.
    10. The pine tree near the mansion shouldn’t be there.🌲
    11. Austin’s shoes are the wrong color 👞

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    On game house has a steeple, game has a front yard...eagle eye has concrete walkway, game- plant on each side of front door, there are 3 green trees in front of house on game, the Xmas lights on white trees aren't yellow like on eagle, candy canes are in different places, Austin has a red bow tie on game, has a light purple one on in eagle eye. Plus he's wearing different boots in each one, his suspenders are different, buttons on his shirt different and he's wearing a Santa hat in eagle eye, deer is pink in eagle eye. Trees behind pink deer have Xmas lights on them, Austin is holding a gift, there's reindeer and a sleigh in eagle eye, he's sitting on a bench petting the dog, there's fruit on ground in game, there's 3 rabbit sculptures in game, only 1 in eagle eye, there's 1 pink deer, 2 white ones on roof and 1 white deer on ground in eagle eye, dog has a paw print spot on his back in eagle eye...he's got a toy (looks like greenery with a ball on each end,) in his mouth in game, there's not a window on right end of house on eagle, there is in game, mailbox with red bow in eagle eye, Gardenscapes sign is more to the left in front of trees in eagle eye, Xmas lights on trees beside bench are bright yellow in eagle, holly on ground in front of bench in eagle, there's greenery with red ornaments over doorways and windows in eagle...greenery only in game, only 2 white trees have Xmas clear lights, 1 with bright yellow in eagle, there's a cloud looks like thru moon (its bright) clouds and dim stars in eagle...full moon (dark but full) bright, but very few stars in game, there's mountains in eagle, 3 trees with rounded tops behind Xmas tree in Xmas tree or others in eagle,blocks of ice in game, 2 pre lit white trees in front of house in game, other white trees with Xmas lights aren't as bright with yellow look (only 2 bright in front) in game, there's 3green trees in front of house right of door in game, different color presents in each, there's a white tree on left in front of house on game, green collar on dog in eagle... red collar in game. I believe that is all the differences. Thanks Gardenscapes. Angela Holloway

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    The Gardenscapes title is moved.
    The dogs collar is different.
    The mountains behind the house are moved.
    The present by the candy canes are moved.
    The frozen cat is a bunny.
    The present is a different shape and wrapped different.
    There are Christmas lights on the trees.
    The reindeer is pink, there is only 1 and it is in a different spot.
    There is no frozen fruit.
    The house is bigger, closer and there is something missing from the top.
    The pine tree is decorated with Christmas decorations.
    Austin is sitting on a bench and petting the dog instead of holding a present.
    There is no mailbox.
    The dog is not holding decorations in his mouth.
    There is no sleigh with reindeer.
    The little frozen tree behind Austin

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    1. Der Mond
    2. Die Stelle des Hundes / Pfote am Po
    3. Die rosa Rentiere sollten weiß sein
    4. Der Briefkasten
    5. Die rote Geschenkbox ....Sie sollte grün sein
    6. Die weißen Bäume
    7. Das Haus
    8. Der Hundehalsring
    9. Die Bergsilhouette
    10. Die Kiefer in der Nähe des Hauses
    11. Die Bäume hinter der Bank
    12. Der Weg zum Haus

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    Hey guys!
    Thanks to everyone who joined our contest! Lots of you were close to guessing all the answers. Here are the lucky 10 who got most of the points: Mrtzmrqz, Kelli Hanaway, Sarah Brubaker Krupala, Ewa Siwiec, Janetta Ellis, KarenV, Nickyolly, Mysticrage34, arumpke, Giovanni David Cirinna.
    Congrats! Keep an eye on your inbox for the instructions on getting your reward

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