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Thread: 12.01 Eagle Eye!

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    The moon is just above the house in the game but the picture shows it up higher and to the left.
    On the game there is an angel figure on top of the house, none in photo.
    Two large iced Tree’s on game but not in photo.
    No snow on the ground in game.
    Two white iced rain deer on right, photo shows one colored deer on left and other in the background.
    Game has three ice bunnies, photo has one ice squirrel.

    Christmas tree in game, not in photo.
    Two green presents with red ribbon in game, one green present with gold ribbon in photo.
    Two glowing trees in front of house on game, not in photo.
    House is closer in photo, further back in game.
    There is only a square block patio in game, photo has paved stones path to house.
    Group of candy canes and presents is closer to front next to tree in game, while by the house in photo.
    Tree has lights on it in the photo but none in game.
    Austin is standing on left holding a present while wearing a Santa’s hat in game. In the photo Austin is seated on a bench.
    In game Austin has a red bow tie, in the photo it is purple.
    Dog is on left standing facing out with tree limb and ornament in mouth in game. In photo dog is sitting facing the side while being petted by Austin.
    Dog collar red in game, green in photo.
    Dog has no spots in game, but spots in photo.
    Sled with presents behind rain deer in game, no sled in photo.
    No mailbox in game, decorated mailbox in photo.
    In the game there is no small Pine on the lower left that is present in the photo.
    Ice blocks and melting ice blocks with fruit in game but not in photo.
    Glowing ice bush on right is in front of the small pine in game, behind it in photo.
    Background in photo shows large mountains, large pine tree, bright moon and stars. Background in game has rounded hills, several smaller pine trees, dim moon and no stars
    In game Gardenscapes is larger and centered, photo has it smaller and to the left.
    Rounded trees behind the Christmas tree in game, pine trees in the photo.
    Plants with berries on lower right in front of iced bunny in game, but lower left/middle in photo.
    Snow falling in photo, not in game picture.

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    The present should have a white ribbon, not gold/Austin’s tie is not pink/ his buttons are wrong/ the dog doesn’t have spots and is darker brown/ his collar is the wrong color/the mailbox needs greenery on top/ the reindeer sculpture is icy blue, not pink/ there are no squirrel sculptures, it should look more like one of the seven dwarves/ elven benches are not blue/white/ the moon and path/ more windows.

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    Austin has purple tie,different decorations in yard and trees,trees different on right side,dog has different collar,reindeer and presents

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    The Moon, dog's spot, The pink reindeer's should be white, mailbox, red gift box should be green, white trees, dog collar, mountain silhouette, pine tree near the house, trees behind the bench, path towards the house, iced cat statue, the house has more windows

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    The blue cat statue , the blue clouds, the pink reindeer, the paw marks on the dogs back.

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    Colour of reindeer, santa hat on Austins head, Austin is standing in game, dog is standing in game with decs in mouth, colour of Austins bowtie, moon in different position, no letterbox in game, spots on dogs back, the ice sculpture are different in game, buttons on Austins shirt are different colours, the path is different in both length and decoration and the decoration on the roof of the house is missing in online picture

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    House needs to be brighter
    Snowflake missing from center roof
    2 lighted trees infront other side of door
    Moon above center of roof
    Big tree on left
    Blue bunny

    Big pine tree decorated
    2 blue deers infront of a sleigh
    Big white tree next to pine tree
    Small white tree lights wrong color
    Bunny statue
    Green present

    No lights in tree, tree should be fuller
    No mailbox
    Should be a bunny statue

    Should be standing on left side
    Wrong shoes
    Tie should be red
    Santa hat missing
    Holding a green present
    White tree behind him
    Dog on the left of him
    Dog collar should be red
    Dog should have a pine tree branch in his mouth with a green and red ornament on other end

    No snow on ground
    No sidewalk to house
    Tiles should be square
    No flowers or grass on tiles
    Ice blocks outlining the back and left side of tiles
    Frozen fruit outlining tiles back, left,& front sides
    1 small pine tree to the left of dog
    Should be snowing

    Gardenscapes should be top center
    Play button bottom center

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    Sleigh is now bench, paw print on dogs back, Butler's the is wrong color, there's a mailbox, gifts are not green with red bow, the path continues to house, one squirrel ice sculpture instead of three rabbit, Butler is now sitting on bench, pink deer, dog isn't holding sucker, Butler isn't wearing Santa hat, fruit cubes missing, collar on dog is different color, gift but candy canes switched sides with each other, there is snow in the yard, Moon is in different position, no stars in the sky, no Christmas tree, all pine trees now, deer are on wrong side,

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    Dog has no spots
    No pink reindeer
    No cat sculpture
    Bench Austin sits on is red not blue also on the back of the bench there's suppose to be stars and red ball ornaments
    Austin bow tie is red not purple
    Austin shoes are different
    White tree behind austin has yellow lights its suppose to be white
    Mailbox is missing the green leaves
    The path is suppose to be white with snowflakes
    There's not suppose to be flowers in the snow
    Dogs collar is red not green
    Austin house is missing decorations and is missing windows .
    There's no moon or sky
    Its not dark outside
    There's no mountains
    Flower trees are missing
    There's no lights on the bushes

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    Austin: Bow tie is purple instead of red, he is on the right instead of the left, he is sitting instead of standing, his shoes are a different make, his pants and suspenders are a darker blue instead of teal, his shirt has pleats instead of being smooth along the buttons, he is not wearing a hat and he’s petting the dog instead of holding a green present.
    The Dog: has a green caller with gold studs instead of a solid red one, he has spots on his back, he is on the right instead of the left, he is facing away instead of facing forward, he is sitting instead of standing, and he does not have a pine sprig in his mouth.
    The House: appears closer up, the snowflake is missing from the roof peak, there are no white trees at the front door instead of one on each door side, the right side of the house is covered instead of be My visible and the left side of the house is visible instead of being hidden by a tree.
    Backdrop: the moon is brighter and higher in the sky, there are less clouds, there are mountains behind the house, and it is snowing instead of being clear skies.
    Decorations: there is a large pink stag where Austin should be standing, there is a bench on the right instead of a sleigh with two blue stage in front of it, the Christmas tree on the right is missing, there is an ice squirrel on the left instead of an ice rabbit, the ice rabbit on the right is missing, there is a blue stag by the house instead of a rabbit under a lit white tree, there is a red square present with a gold bow on the left instead of a green rectangular present with a red bow, the candy canes are further back and closer to the door and the two presents between them are opposite, there is a decorated mailbox in the path instead of none.
    General: there is more snow on the ground, there are small bush like plants in the walkway, there are not as many presents, there are no ice cubes on the walkway, there no fruit present anywhere instead of 3 pears, 4 apples and 3 blackberries being on the ground, and finally the trees behind Austin are not the same type of trees.

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