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    Austin: bow tie is purple not red, has different shoes, shirt sleeves are puffy at wrist, buttons are red not white, on opposite side, sitting not standing.
    Dog (Mud): different collar, has spots, opposite side, facing away
    House: no snowflake above center arch, no white trees flanking door, candy cane decor is in the wrong place
    General: lots more snow; squirrel instead of rabbit; bench instead of Christmas tree, bench arms are blue and white not red and white; reindeer are separated, on opposite side, not pulling a sleigh and one is pink; present is red and gold not green and red, less of them; there is no lawn, the walk way goes all the way to the door; moon has more detail and is in a different place; there are lights on the left tree; there are yellow lights on the far right tree; house is closer than normal, pine tree behind it is huge; there is a pine tree in the bottom right instead of presents; fewer white trees all together, one second to right is smaller and I front of the tree; mail box not in pic and missing evergreen sprig draped over top.
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