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Thread: For homescapes. Disappointed.

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    For homescapes. Disappointed.

    I believe I am on level 28. When I am making matches over the silver its not turning to the grass. I have been playing this one for several days now. You need to fix bugs. I may delete.

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    Something tells me this is in the wrong section of the forum, as it's not Homescapes news.

    Home Glitches is the forum where this post will receive the most attention.
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    Hi Bubbles11176!
    Please note that to lay the carpet you need to either activate the bonus on the already carpeted area or have at least one piece of the match to be located in the carpeted area.
    To learn more about boosters, power-ups and combinations please refer to these articles:
    In case you need further assistance, be sure to contact our Support team!

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