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Thread: Not working after update

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lil Hobby View Post
    Same here. The game was working earlier today for me, but the launching of the scarf activity is giving me the same problem.
    It's now working for me. 👍

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    Yay! It’s been fixed. Thank you. 😘

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    Im having the same problem on my kindle titled christines fire. yarn episode keeps replaying and no arrow button. Very frustrated. Cannot contact support thru my kindle. Please help!! Tia xo

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    I have the same problem. I accepted the update. Now they game keeps missing points that I should get and it shorts me of my moves. It's very frustrating trying to move on. #stuckinlevel15 😕

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    Yay, it's working now! I finally made it to level 16. Every time that I move up I mentally say "Thank you, Alfred!" Lol. 😄

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    Hey guys!
    Sorry to hear that so many of you have faced these problems! Kindly note that in order to help you, we'll need you to contact us via our website. You can send a request here:
    Thanks in advance!

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