Hello everybody,

We are now ready to share the answers to the questions selected from the comments under our Ask-Us-Anything post on Facebook https://t.co/t5XzxdMPDS I hope you will enjoy!

1) Do you have plans for more interaction between players?

We definitely do! Right now this question is the most popular one, so we’ve come up with a really cool idea! Very soon you guys will get a chance to team up with other players to achieve different goals we set. More details are coming soon! Just make sure to visit our Facebook page regularly to learn more about the latest and greatest...

2) Is there a way to get a second barn for tools and ingots? Are you planning to introduce a separate building just for that?

Why complicate things? Having all the items stored in one place is convenient and allows you to handle things much faster. Some people might say it’s weird to have food and tools in the same Barn, but it’s not since our Barn is multifunctional and we have a separate tab for each category of items, so they basically never meet each other.

3) Can you guys let us know in advance when there are updates?

We prefer to keep the time frames open and flexible, as for us quality is above all. We don’t want to rush into releasing an unpolished update that may affect the overall experience.

4) I want to know how the idea of Township was born and how many people were working on it then. How many people do you have now?

Like many other great things in this world, the idea of Township came to us quite unexpectedly. Originally, we had 7 people working on the game. Our team has grown since then, we find it hard to state the exact number though. We think it’s about 30 people, but that’s a very rough number...

5) How much longer do you think this game will continue to run? Is there an END?

Township will run as long as you guys are with us, supporting the game As the saying goes, the sky’s the limit, and there’s always room for improvement and imagination. We hope this rule does apply to our game!

6) I wonder if the Township team works from home, in cubicles, or as one of my favorite authors ( Donald Westlake) said "squaricles". Do you have trampolines to help to get the creative juices going?

We are actually all over the place! Home, office, cubicles- we have it all We believe that a free work environment boosts the creativity and helps us create better products.

7) When will Christmas be over?

Christmas and the winter theme will be gone at the beginning of February- that’s when our next update is coming, presumably...

8) Is it true that Township is the second biggest farm game in the world?

It depends on your current location. Tastes differ from country to country, but one thing we can say for sure is that Township is in the Top Grossing games in many countries and we have fans from almost every corner of the world!

9) Why are daily gifts available for only 5 people when people can have up to 350 friends in Township?

This way you can single out the ones who truly matter. It’s like in our real life - you don’t give out presents to every person you know, do you? Remember to choose wisely to whom you'd like to send gifts to let your friends know how grateful you are to have them on your Friends list.

10) Are you planning to introduce a night theme or some weather events like rain?

The day/night cycle is very unlikely to happen, but the rain probably will...at some point.