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Thread: New fishy bank issues?

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    Thank you everyone for helping with this. Won’t be paying to open the bank....would have been nice to have extra diamonds though

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    My fishy bank is full. I paid the $2.99 and did not receive anything. I have restarted my device and still nothing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stephanie Lanham Reeves View Post
    My fishy bank is full. I paid the $2.99 and did not receive anything. I have restarted my device and still nothing.
    Hi Stephanie

    You should report this from within the game. In the Help and Support look for the section on purchases. Tell them what happened and join a screenshot of your receipt.
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    Please read this important post by Playrix about Township : Wishes/requests already rejected by Playrix

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sweetness123 View Post
    LOL Graylady, just seeing this, this morning

    Lyuba, as always, you are so sweet and good about coming in to speak with us. Again, it means a lot to us players . Can you believe I missed one on the quiz (boo), I was counting the themes, and not the tanks (lol).
    Thank you so much

    Quote Originally Posted by RobTayDar View Post
    Thanks Graylady. They need to reword it I think. It's a bit confusing. Thanks again.
    Thanks for your feedback! We're already working on a better description of this feature

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    I'm a bit ticked. I didn't realize we were playing to open the bank. I thought I was playing for the right to actually purchase the bank as a decoration. If I want diamonds I buy them ! PlayRix received $175.00 in real money from me this month. Very disappointed I don't have a cute yellow whale in one of my aquariums

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    I could have sworn that it said when you reach 30 you could open it. Not have to pay a lesser price to open it? It always said 2.99 for me even with 0 diamonds. I read it like 5 times. Should have taken a screen shot of it..... next time I will. I figured it would just give me it after it completed. I had 57 diamonds. That’s the only disappointment I’ve had with the game so far.

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    What a disappointment.

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