Surprisingly I've somehow managed to get into the golden league but it won't be for long as most of the other players I'm up against are far more advanced than I. The current leader who has completed all 15 tasks and bought the 16th is at level 132, the person in second place is at level 132 also, I'm on level 63. Most of the other racers are in the high 60s, 70s, and 90s. There is one player at level 60 for whom I actually feel desperately sorry. To my way of thinking this doesn't seem to me to be a fair way of doing things (I've said this before), but instead of feeling the urge to compete it only serves to show me that I am better off in the lower league tables and hence I've decided just to jog along at my own pace in the hope of sliding out of this league altogether. Playrix ought to recognise that there simply is no incentive for folk like me to even try against this kind of opposition but I guess they are hoping that I and others like me will throw loads of T cash at the problem - sorry but in my case that's simply not going to happen.