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Thread: Ties in the Regatta

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    Question Ties in the Regatta

    What happens when there is a tie in the weekly race?

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    It’s ranked in order of the time taken to reach those points.. a team’s total time is the interval between them accepting their first task and completing their last. So you can dump as much as you like before the ‘clock’ starts, as long as nobody actually starts a task.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Don Krogstad View Post
    What happens when there is a tie in the weekly race?
    Hi Don, and welcome to the Forum. So glad you decided to register and be a part of the group. Click here, it is all about "timing," who gets there first. Also, take a look at the Forum's READ ME Stickies, no matter what level you are on, it has great tips for strategy and game play. Good luck and Happy Gaming

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